A Correlation of the Revenue Base of Alaigbo and it's Political Impact.

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    Taxes can be considered as aftermath payments for services obtained later on. They can also be seen as premium payments for insurance schemes.
    It is when businesses thrive that massive job opportunities are created and Government uses the revenue accrued to provide basic and social amenities.
    We need to start looking inward and improve on the mentality of the "THINK BACK HOME" campaign already pervading across our land.

    Ndigbo are one of the most traveled sets of people in the World. Good a thing that we can now fly from our backyard to any part of the Globe using the World Class ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES. This Airline is fully booked week in week out. This is good because the ripple effect of this is not only felt in Enugu and environs, but all across Igboland and beyond.
    Ndigbo are also big time players in the construction industry. Due to the fact that "culture" has made it "mandatory" for most male folks to build houses of their own at the village. Nothing stops us from patronizing IBETO CEMENT. Let's take for example if all the high rise building springing up in Onitsha on a daily basis uses IBETO CEMENT, the ripple effect both in tax, revenue and job opportunities will be massive.

    Ndigbo are also fun lovers, they pride themselves in relaxing with their families and friends after working very hard all week or month. There are lots of tourists' attractions scattered all over Alaigbo. Instead of traveling miles away or abroad for holidays, we could make use of the lovely tourists' concerns across our land, thereby reducing the dip caused by hard foreign exchange in traveling abroad.

    The import of the above is nothing less than making us think home. When it comes to garnering and gaining political clout, money can never be ruled out. We can only charge at other regions if we could match not only word for word, but cash for cash. A situation where we wait or go "cap in hand" to Abuja, before meeting up with basic social responsibilities is unhealthy and dangerous.
    A very strong localized economy is like the proverbial Phoenix, it picks up very fast even when there's a downturn.

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    Awhum Waterfall and Cave

    Oguta Blue Lake Resort
    Awhum_Waterfall_Cave.jpg Oguta_Blue_Lake_Resort.jpg
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    Ethiopian Airlines

    Ibeto Group

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