Featured A Message to Igbos on 2019 Election from their Ancestor.

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by izu, Aug 25, 2016.

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    I visited a friend at Agukwu Nri in Anambra State last month. I was told by my friend and by history that the progenitor of Igbos known as Nri Namoke once lived there.

    My friend was very hospitable and I had no reason not to fall asleep after a bowlful of pounded yam and egusi soup transported down with fresh palm wine.
    At midnight, a very old man appeared to me, he urged me not to be afraid but to listen attentively to him. I was so terrified that I couldn't even plead the blood of Jesus.
    I was told, "tell your stubborn Igbo brethren, my children, that the horse trading for 2019 presidential elections has started. Open your eyes! You must be disingenuous."
    "Forget restructuring of Nigeria. It won't happen until oil is found in commercial quantity in the North."

    "Also note that Biafra independence will not be granted as the Igbo elites are not interested in its emergence for economic and self reasons".
    "Many Igbos with Pan-African bent favour restructuring over Biafan independence due to the promise Nigerian market holds; the Biafra space is too small for their products".
    "Tell your Igbo deep thinkers and politicians to start doing the unthinkable- to support Buhari to re-contest and win the 2019 presidential elections. If he does, he will serve only for 4 years and go and the presidency shall move to Igbo land."

    "There is already a painful realization to even an Igbo hater that the next president when north has done 8 years will be Igbo. It happened in 1999 when the whole country appeased the south west with Obasanjo presidency."
    "The northern intelligentsia in PDP had presented a sound, faultless and inscrutable argument to their party leaders that the only way PDP would recapture power soonest is by fielding a northerner in 2019 presidential elections. That they will do; and they have already agreed to do that at their last convention hence the decision to zone the chairmanship of the party to the south".
    "Buhari or any other northern president can't change things be it economic or socially under the present structure of Nigeria. He should be supported to serve out his possible 8 years."
    "Know you that having survived extreme hardship before and are immune to the effects of bad governance and marginalization, Igbos cannot be worst of. I laugh and turn in my grave as most of the change chanting agents are crying now."
    "I'm sure that PDP, with Igbo support , would win the presidency in 2019 if they field a young educated muslim from the north. That is not in equitable interest of Igbos. Resist it. Perish the thought."

    "The establishment in the north are so hurt by Buhari's style of leadership and policies that have locked up all easy access to money and rent seeking. The currency peddlers are baying for for blood. Smugglers are in pains as their counterparts in oil sector. It's a big disaster."
    "North didn't bargain for what they are seeing now even with the largest share of federal appointments. Money is no following. Poverty up north has doubled more than it was under a southern president and there is no end in sight. People are now seen malnourished."
    "Both Buhari or the expectant PDP northern president cannot change anything unless Nigeria is restructured fundamentally. But it won't. They are regrettably not imbued with transformational abilities. They can't reverse a car. They only drive on a straight road."
    "Be patient until you get the presidency. No Igbo president will operate for 6 months without changing all that that needs to be changed. It is in your DNA."

    " You people should form a strong APC wing in the southeast and dislodge Rochas and the band of guys presently holding sway there. Other seasoned and retired human rights activists should remain in PDP."
    "It is only the strong APC in the south east that can clip Tinubu's wings working together with the north. His stronghold on the party will break if meetings are regular and each man is allowed to air his opinion. He hates Igbo's guts."
    "You can also hold on to your APGA and craft a working agreement with APC for the presidency as you did with Jonathan's PDP".
    "My son, I know some of your brethren shall insult you over this message or even demand that my corpse be exhumed and be burnt to ashes. Don't be afraid. That's what makes you Igbos."
    My challenge has been how to convey this message I had not contemplated. I'm still testing the spirit to sensitize this message. I never saw it as doable. Is it?

    By Anayo Nwosu.
  2. Izu

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    Interesting comment -

    Our ancestors might have spoken very well, that is good.
    I am going to make my input based on what I feel and the reality I am seeing on the ground .
    APC will not hold free and fair election because if they do PDP will take back the seat come 2019.
    Nevertheless , come 2019 PDP will take up more National Assembly seats ( Senate and House of Representatives )
    This assumption is based on the fact that PDP is going to tidy up their house and present a good northerner to compete with Buhari .
    If APC rig back themselves into presidency , the north will change back to PDP by 2023 to continue holding the power and based on how they are able to rebuild between 2023 to 2031 then Igbo man will ascend to the seat through PDP .
    But if APC are able to hold on and do very well till 2023 then Igbo man will emerge through APC by 2023, before then there will be great repositioning between the parties that will see great Igbo men being lured into APC for the sake of producing a candidate come 2023.
    I am not interested in Igbo presidency but so much interested in Igbo economic growth.
    To achieve this we must think home in the entirety .
    We should develop our own seaport to be able to cut of from using Lagos port.
    This seaport will accelerate the economic growth of all Igbo states because it will reduce economic inflow to Lagos through import duties.
    When this is achieved , focus should be on our airport thereby improving the Akanu Ibiam International airport thus to increase flight schedule of the airport.
    With a focus on economic development there will be faster industrialization and employment creation in ala Igbo which will in turn create a return of umu Igbo that are living in a volatile region of the country.
    This is what I think will be our priority .
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    Well said
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    I agree. We need a strong homeland economic base to compete politically in Nigeria. Strong and wealthy cities enforce the political aspirations of a people. Igbo's must learn to have their business headquarters in the homeland -where they can meet regularly within the labyrinths of the 'obi' in order to prepare and engage our friends and foes.

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