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    Elechi Amadi: we are not Igbos, but our language is similar. Olusegun Obasanjo: And your name is Elechi Amadi and you wrote ‘the concubine’? Please sit down.

    ““Igbo people might score poorly on the oxford dictionary test for tribe… Now to call them a nation… this may not be perfect for the Igbo, but it is close.”
    – Chinua Achebe. From LOOK HOMEWARDS NDIIGBO By Carlos Chinwendu.

    It is often believed that indoctrination is only a thing of religion, that outside of religions, people cannot be indoctrinated into inanities. But this is false. And you’ll soon be agreeing with me.
    In the past, I for one was among those who once believed that Anioma is not Igbo. That was in the past. So what happened later? I became educated while going to school. Education – if you must know – and you should know, is the PROGRESSIVE DISCOVERY OF OUR IGNORANCE. Put another way, education is the acceptance of reality and the rejection of falsehood: the unlearning of wrong things and the realization that truth is not a member of the crowd. Education is truth because truth is true. Truth is defined by
    Aristotle of Stagira as:
    “To say of what is, that it is not, or of what is not that it is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not, that it is not.” Truth. It is no respecter of wishes. I discovered that Anioma is Igbo after I uncovered my ignorance. My ignorance and which is the ignorance of many identity confused people of today is that I thought Igbo is a tribe. A mistake. And based on this mistake, I group all the Igb o-speaking tribes of the South East into one. In my ignorance, I didn’t know that just as we have Ika, Ukwuani etc, there are equally tribes in the East with different dialects and languages. Igbo is a language and those who speak any of the Igboid languages as their mother-tongue are called Igbos. It is like that everywhere in the world. No ethnic group speaks a language belonging to another ethnic group. Igbo is in the family of Niger-Congo languages of Africa.

    I have known that my identity did not end as Igbo, it proceeded to ‘kwa’. I am a kwa person and this means in the ‘kwa’ level, I am related to the Edo, the Yoruba, The Idoma, The Ijaw, The Urhobo, The Idoma and other members of the Kwa group. I am not Yoruba, but I am kwa and if a Yoruba man reminds me that I and him are kwa people, I will accept it, because I am a kwa person. If I turn around to the Yoruba and say; ‘HEY, STOP THAT, I AM NOT KWA, BUT Igbo’, It makes me ignorant, very stupid or both. So in that context, I am enuani, then Igbo and then Kwa. Push it up a bit and I am a Niger Congo person. This
    is me. NB, Anioma is not the name of any ethnic group in Nigeria it’s a name coined from the three LGA’S in the old Delta North to agitate for a State the Lga’s being Aniocha,
    Ndokwa, Ika and Oshimili. It’s not only in Anioma case that people use the first letters of their LGAs to form a name for their state. It’s in Abia state, as in Aba, Bende, Ikwuano, Arochukwu and Abia state has not become an ethnic group.

    I found one common ignorance among many Igbo speaking peoples of Etche, Ikwerre, Ika, Ogba etc. the ignorance is that number one, they don’t know what Igbo means and its
    possible they don’t know that they are kwa people as well. They are not able to travel beyond nine villages. For instance, the popular Igbo God, Amadioha was from Etche, Ojukwu was from Ikwere, Igwe was from either Aboh or Owere and Chukwu was from Arochukwu while Ani was from Nri. They are not aware also that the present language they call Igbo language does not belong to anybody. They are not aware that the same way Ikwerre
    people do not understand Ngwa, is the same way Ngwa people do not understand Owere and its everywhere. Ignorance made them believe that the Ngwa, Owere, Isu, Enuani, Nri, Oguta, Onitsha etc who because of their education, speak union Igbo fluently have no native dialect like themselves. Hence they thought there is an original single Igbo language that every Igbo naturally speaks. They think too that about 15 subgroups like themselves in the east are a single tribe and thus created a false insinuation of we and Igbos. They also believe that there is a place called Igboland and that to be Igbo, you have to come from
    there. They single out the cultures of the neighboring clan and call it Igbo culture and tell you its different from theirs and hence they are not Igbo. Lastly they insist on any fairy
    tale linking them up to Edo because they felt that would finally deigbonize them.

    The reality is that there is no such thing as ‘pure’ Igbo language. And there is nobody that is directly Igbo. To be Igbo, one must be from one of it’s many subgroups. The same way Yorubas, Igbos, Edos, Idomas, Ijaws, Igalas etc make up the kwa people, is the same way Ngwas, Owerres, Aros , Ikwerres, Ohafias, Enuanis. Ikas, Ukwuanis, Onichas, Ezzis, Ikwos, Ezeas, Ikwerres, Etches, Ogbas, Waawas, Ogutas, Abiribas, Mbaises etc {google list of Igbo people} are Igbos. Even among these subgroups are many dialectal differences also. Furthermore, there is no thing as Igbo culture but Igbo cultures which is the sum of all the cultures of all the constituent Igbo tribes. There is no place called Igbo land except those places where Igboid languages are the native tongue. Again, Igbo people did not originate from one source. Many of them claim to migrate from Benin {this claim has been sorted by N.B Thomas in ANTHROPOLOGICAL REPORTS ON THE Igbo-SPEAKING PEOPLE OF SOUTHERN NIGERA.} while many out of religious wishful thinking, claimed to be from Israel and this is a mere speculation, Igbo people are Negroids of west African descent and no Jew.

    You can deny it all you want, but the tribes I mentioned above are Igbo people and as Igbos, they are kwa people. This is how it is. You cant change it the same way you cannot change being a negro. I hope this little enlightenment will broaden your knowledge: that you are
    Igbo, Kwa and Congo basin human.

    FROM LOOK HOMEWARDS NDI Igbo By Carlos Chinwendu.
    Please contact him on Facebook for more information about this book and how to get yours.

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