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    I'm new on this forum. I'm taking it as a task to warn Indi'gbo to be wary of themselves the hate is real. Igbos should not allow the mistake of 1966 to repeat itself. We cannot sit down and allow folks we call fellow Nigerians to slaughter us for nothing, just for the sake of being Igbo.

    This is the post created by a Yoruba moniker: Alcatraz005:
    Many new members might not know me here but i was a fierce e-warrior for my yoruba tribe on this platform that i got so notorious for my radical views about the igbos specifically. I had to lay off due to professional and personal commitment. I have however not failed to notice the continuous, unabated and unwarranted attacks on the yorubas by the igbos because of this biafra issue. This is a very worrisome development which needs to be nipped in the bud by seun osewa - who himself is an honorable yoruba man in whom we are well pleased.

    I would say this only once to the igbos and i implore them to listen carefully. MOST YORUBAS ARE INDIFFERENT TO ANY THING THAT CONCERNS IGBOS. As a matter of fact, most yorubas hate the igbos passionately and are just being held back from unleashing their rage because of our tolerant nature and the respectful nature of the omoluabi. The actualisation of biafra is what most yorubas want so we can be rid of the influx of igbos into our towns and cities which have had serious implications for our culture and way of life. I would not belabour the point of how most Nigerians view igbos because it is common knowledge. At this juncture, i would say as a yoruba man {A christian for that matter}, that i am now sick and tired of the whinings, inferiority and persecution complex of the igbos and if i had the power, i would grant biafra before dawn. I am sure this is the prevalent sentiment with 99% of Yorubas. I dare say that if the online insults dont abate, we risk seeing radical yoruba youths unleash violence on igbos on yoruba soil. You cant be on yoruba soil- with the numerous attendant benefits- and continue to hate the sons and daughters of the soil. We need to be careful not to trigger xenophobic attacks by yorubas on our igbos brother due to the vitriolic insults being dished out on this forum. I know for a fact that a lot of yorubas come online to view the insults being heaped on them by igbos inspite of our hospitality towards them. I speak on my behalf of myself and and surely numerous other self respecting yorubas and i say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of the insults, hate and denigration of the yorubas by the igbos. If igbos hate the yorubas so much, why dont you vacate our schools, churches and cities in droves back to the east?

    The insults being heaped on the Acting President {Yemi Osibanjo} by the igbos since the biafra conference in Abuja has not gone unnoticed and is indeed regrettable. Prof. Osibanjo spoke in his capacity as the Acting President and a member of the Elite in Nigeria and could not have been expected to posit otherwise. It was funny seeing Prof Osibanjo being villified, annihilated and castigated by igbos on this forum who had hitherto taken him as their saviour in the face of alleged hate of the igbos by PMB. The sudden 360 degree turn by the igbos indeed goes to show that they are an emotional bunch who can be tossed around by whatever wind that blows in Nigeria's political atmosphere. The biafran agitation will be taken seriously by other Nigerians the moment they stop fleeing their ancestral lands in search of greener pastures in yoruba and hausa lands. Igbo elites too have to be summoned to table the issue of referendum on the floor of the National Assembly for robust debate. No amount of insults against yorubas and by extension the Nigerian state on the social media will bring about the actualisation of biafra. If the igbos continue on this ignoble path, they will never ascend the Nigerian Presidency and continue to be pariah in the Nigerian Political space. Constant cries of marginalization by the igbos is now seen as a source of comic relief to other Nigerians who enjoy seeing the igbos cry. It befuddles young Nigerians like me why such a big, industrious and enterprising ethnic group like the igbos have descended in the pecking order in Nigeria to the point where the ijaws are taken more seriously than them{igbos}

    The bitter truth is that the igbos have burnt all the bridges they could have used to reach out to other ethnic groups in Nigeria through unbridled insults, malignment and desecration of other tribes and they will continue being 4th class citizens in this country. The Federal Government of Nigeria will not deploy scarce national resources to develop the east{South east} to the detriment of other geo-political zones. It therefofre behoves on the igbos to either get serious about the Nigerian project or be ready to fight the hausa fulanis for the liberation of the east. The damage has been done already and it is too late for rapproachment. We yorubas will continue to wish you the best of luck in your agitation for biafra but we wont sit down and watch our tribe being insulted and called cowards and two-faced back stabbers because we have chosen to deploy brains rather than brawn in the quest of guarding our interest in the dangerous and mine infested field of Nigerian politics.

    Additionally, i will implore my fellow yoruba e-warriors to henceforth simply ignore any insults thrown our way by the igbos and lift our selves above such denigrating endeavours which serves no pratical utilitarian purposes in today's Nigeria. The responsibility to ensure the protection of yoruba interest as well as personal advancement should continuously be our overriding consideration in dealings on this forum. We should allow the igbos to stew in their own hate - an emotion which has seen them on a continuous decline in influence and impact in the Nigerian project.

    On a final note, i state categorically and without no equivocation whatsoever to our igbo brothers that yorubas are not against the actualisation of biafra. Hcek, we would even grant the repeblic today if we had the power to see the igbos out of our towns and cities which would see to a general reduction in crime rates and other undesirable vices the igbos have brought along with them to yoruba land after the civil war. Statements of the likes of Prof. Yemi Osibanjo should be seen for what they truly are, the tenacious position of the Nigeria's rapacious elites who will spill blood to maintains their hold on the resources of Nigeria.




    Please, if you can shear this post, so that other Igbos can see it and take caution. This people don't like us.
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    I don't have time for Seun Osewa and his Nairaland or whatever, the site's anti Igbo was raised to power 2 after the 2015 general election. I don't want to say anything on how I know that guy even before the creation of Nairaland, when he was running Nigerian mobile Forum. We were both members of The Admin Zone then. He became annoyingly rude at some point but that's not the issue, the issue is when he started his anti Igbo/Biafra campaign which took me and many others by surprise. His political quest in that forum is totally against the webmasters ethics.
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    My point for this reply is not what some random unreasonable Yoruba kid wrote on Nairaland, it's about our people learning to leave where they are not wanted and understand the 'game' in this country today. Igbo is the backbone of Nigeria, not minding the born to rule lots. The earlier we start to act as elite African nation the batter for us.

    When will we learn to build our own? When will we learn to play by the pattern of our present society? How can people with not much to prove handing us cheap blackmail? What will it take Igbo youths to develop their own Forum? Is high time we stop speaking and start acting.

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