Featured Abia Crisis : Comparison between Amaechi 2007 situation with Uche Ogah.

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    Just for your information and clarification
    I have read some compare the Amaechi situation of 2007 with Uche Ogah's power usurpation attempt in Abia. Permit me to clarify the two situations and invite lawyers to dispute my facts.

    1. Rotimi Amaechi actually won the PDP primary election in Rivers in 2006 and his name was dully submitted to INEC as PDP candidate. He was vetted and accepted by INEC and became a constitutional candidate for election to the office of the Governor of Rivers State.

    2. After the "K-keg" speech by Obasanjo in PH leading to non presentation of flag to Amaechi his name was substituted by PDP with that of Celestine Omehia. In their haste to submit the new candidate's name, PDP failed/forgot to give the reason for the substitution. The operating electoral law and indeed INEC guideline requires that for a post nomination submission substitution to be valid you must give "cogent reason" necessitating that change.

    3. Failure to give "cogent reason" was actually what the Supreme Court ruled on and decided that since he was wrongly changed as candidate (without cogent reason) he remains the candidate. Of course the Supreme Court decided that Amaechi was wronged and decided that the only available remedy for the wrong was to restore him as the candidate of PDP. With that restoration he automatically inherited PDP's electoral victory assets as their candidate.
    It was a simple case of righting a wrong within the legal premise of "for every wrong there is a remedy".

    4. Sampson Uche Ogah was NEVER the PDP candidate in Abia. His name was never submitted to INEC or presented to voters as a candidate of PDP. No substitution of his name.
    Uche was one of about 9 people who aspired for PDP Governorship ticket. That list includes Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, Emeka Nwogu, Alex Otti (who decamped to APGA before the primaries) FN Nwosu, Acho Nwakanma, Uche Ogah, Okey Emuchay, Marc Wabara and Iheanacho Okezie Orji.

    5. Dr Okezie Ikpeazu won the December 8th 2014 primaries with 489 votes. Emeka Wogu got 33 votes while Uche Ogah came a distant second with 103 votes.

    6. Angry that he has lost the primaries after allegedly spending billions of Naira on delegates and party stakeholders, Uche Ogah rejected the result of the primaries and refused to sign the result sheet that evidences participation at the primaries. Technically, he excused himself as a contestant at that primary poll.

    Beats me that he now wants to benefit from a process he rejected and disowned. Or should I say, a process he disavowed.
    7. More importantly, Uche's name was NEVER submitted by PDP to INEC as their candidate. Rather the party submitted the name of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and never substituted that name. He was given the party's flag in the presence of President Jonathan at Umuahia.

    After Dr Okezie was presented with the PDP flag, he presented himself to the general population of Abians for election as Governor. He visited every single community and ward in Abia State to beg for votes and also traveled round the country to solicit support of Abia elders and statesmen.
    To the glory of God, majority of Abians chose him as their Governor and the Supreme Court confirmed that indeed he was the choice of the majority and met all the constitutional requirements to occupy the office of the Governor of Abia State.
    8. Meanwhile, after rejecting the result of the PDP primaries, Uche Ogah did not join another political party to canvass for the vote of Abians. He also did not for one day campaign for PDP to win the Governorship.
    Instead of helping the party to win, he returned to his Lagos base.
    But once he learned that one of his co-primaries contestant, FN Nwosu, has sued the Governor for alleged irregularity in his tax certificate issued by the Board of Internal revenue, he immediately sponsored 2 of his boys to sue on his behalf and claim the PDP ticket. But as it became clear that Okezie was winning the election and his boys will likely have issues of locus standi in court he decided to sue independently as Uche Ogah to claim the same second position he rejected and refused to accept in writing.
    The rest you know, including the attempted coup he executed against Governor Okezie Ikpeazu 2 weeks ago.
    Everything will be resolved by the Supreme Court of Nigeria and then other courts will handle matters arising.
    When I referenced John 10:10a yesterday it was deliberate.
    That portion of the Bible we all read as Christians states as follows:
    "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;"
    If you take a mandate that was not given to you by Abians you have stolen the mandate. If you steal you are a thief. If the mandate is stolen it will likely lead to fights and destruction of lives and properties. If innocent people are killed then you have fulfilled the scripture that says "the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy".
    Am I right or wrong?
    Ka Chineke luoro onwe ya na Ndi Obi ha di ocha ogu!
    By JOK
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    Dr Okezie Ikpeazu - PDP flag bearer, Abia State Gubernatorial election, 2015.

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