Abia Crisis : It is now or never for Abia Elders and Religious Leaders

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    With the intervention of God leading to achievement of legal detente in the Ogah versus Okezie power struggle, it is time for Abia elders and religious leaders to wake up from slumber.
    It is particularly time for men of goodwill and non partisan elders to bring Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, Alex Otti, Sampson Ogah and FN Nwosu to one table to discuss and put the interest of common folks of Abia first and foremost. That is our minimum expectation for peace and prosperity of the greatest people in black Africa.
    This is not time for solidarity visits and congratulatory messages. It is time to win the peace of Abia. After all most of our elders were showing solidarity to Governor Okezie by day and phoning congratulating messages to Sampson Ogah or Alex Otti at night. Even the pastors were praying for one in the morning and blessing the other at night.
    I know all of you and what you did o. I just laugh off your hypocrisy when I see you. But nothing was hidden from me and many others at the Okezie , Ogah or Otti camps.

    God is also aware.
    Yet all of you can leverage on your selfish ambivalence and/or deceitful political skills now for the greater good, by calling all the feuding sons of Abia together to talk and sort themselves out in one room. Even if it means keeping all of them in that room till they emerge holding hands as brothers.
    There are roles for winners and losers of Abia Governorship if we do the right thing at this right time.
    There can only be one Governor in Abia at this time till 2019 and he is already the Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu. Any plot against him is a plot against Abia and all of us know that. I need not tell our elders the consequence of discarding our hard won battle for equity.

    Yet other contestants for the position of Abia State Governor might have real worries that can be discussed and accommodated in the spirit of ONE Abia blessed by God.
    It is our private/public wealth that is going o. Our peace and development are also going o. All these fights mean paralyzed or stunted growth and development. We just can't afford one more wahala.
    To those who attempted to re-enact the Anambra 2003 debacle in Abia, please leave us alone. You cannot love Abia more than we love ourselves. It is also fitting that it took the courage of one Anambra woman and the massive resilience of common Abians to stop you. We have nothing against you but please respect the will of our people expressed via the ballot box.
    To those my friends at social media who abuse Igbo Governors and call them cowards for not taking whatever public stand you desire, now you can review and agree with me that the operating environment for a south east governor is different from that for others. The challenge is not just dealing with an ever suspicious federal Govt but also containing over ambitious local politicians and business men waiting in the wings to sell you out and/or take over or plant their proxies.
    Social media activism should not be an expedition at displaying capacity to abuse or degrade others. You need to study situations calmly, read and analyze calmly then take a stand without putting your emotions in front. Stop categorizing people into heroes and villains but review per event and condemn or praise as necessary, per event. Otherwise you will continue to blunder and regret quietly afterwards.

    It is well with Abia, Igboland and Nigeria.
    Please let the caterpillar revolution continue because that is what really matters to common folks. We, common Abians, are not interested in solidarity visits and newspaper advertorials; we want peace and development in Abia.
    If our elders and religious leaders cannot deliver on unifying Abia political gladiators immediately for any reason at all, let young people become elders and native doctors become religious leaders.
    I have told you people my mind o.

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