Abia State Political Unrest ; What Abians are Saying.

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    Below is the voice of Abians in the on going political unrest in the State.

    I have not actually been a fan of Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu. Most people close to me knows why. His political descent did the damage. Be that as it may, Ikpeazu has, within one year in office, shown his personality, a quality rare among contemporary Igbo politicians. First was his genuine drive to revamp Abia State, especially the industrial city of Aba. Secondly, he is the boldest of all serving Igbo governors and most vocal against land grab, occupation and expansionism orchestrated by some elements of Fulani stock. Again, under him, made in Aba goods are receiving good measure of attention and he is involved in the promotional. So it is evident that the governor is on the right track and could make history in our recent time, if he continues in this trajectory.
    So you can see why yours truly, a critic of Ikpeazu’s Abiapolitical background, is now having a rethink on him, as an individual, and even more, getting worried by the recent political maneuvering to oust him in office, illegitimately. A Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday had ruled against Gov. Ikpeazu, disqualifying his candidacy as PDP flag bearer in 2015 general election and asked that Mr. Sampson Ogah be returned as the governor of Abia State. Following Judicial process, Mr. Ogah is not expected to be sworn in as governor of the State until all appeals are ruled in his favour, up to Supreme Court. While Ikpeazu, through his legal team, promptly filed appeal to the Appeal Court, notice of which was sent to and
    received by INEC, signed by Saleh Ibrahim, a senior clerical officer, in the legal services department of the commission, INEC went ahead to issue Certificate of Return to Mr. Ogah, a day after the notice of appeal was received by them. INEC had denied receiving the said
    appeal but had to retract the denial after evidence was provided by Ikpeazu. In another twist, INEC claimed that the appeal had no stay-of execution order. However, a stay-of-execution order was included in the appeal, as confirmed by Abia State Attorney-General, Umeh Kalu. “I have a proof to that. SalehN. Ibrahim, Senior Clerical Officer at the Legal Services Department of the Commission’s Headquarters, Abuja, whostamped the Notice of Appeal and Injunction with the Commission’s official stamp by 12.50pm on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.”

    It appears there is a plot to remove Gov. Ikpeazu by creating chaos in Abia State. Why will INEC be in a hurry to issue a Certificate of Return to Mr. Ogah when they indeed received notice of appeal with stay-of-execution order? It is shameful for INEC to be telling blatant lies. This is a commission that should earn the trust of the public as an impartial umpire in electoral matters. But since this group is appointed into office by President Mohammad Buhari in 2015, their credibility has been so battered. Besides serially conducting inconclusive elections since last year, this INEC is now earning a reputation as liars. So whoever wants Ikpeazu out through creating chaos in Abia State should understand the implication of what he is doing. This type of vicious political manipulations, against
    the will of the people, as happened in Western Assembly Crisis of 1962, General Election crisis of 1964 and Western Election Crisis of 1965, were precursors to the first military coup in Nigeria and its attendant consequences.

    By Eric Chukwuemeka
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    Voice of reason...
    I am from old Bende (Abia North) and I understand what Dr Eze Chikamnayo is talking about. It is not everything that can be done that should be done. For the last time I call on Abia elders to meet Governor Ikpeazu, Alex Otti and Uche Ogah in one room and reconcile
    them. Common folks are suffering and will suffer much more if our elders fail to do the needful with haste.

    Uche Ogah may have latched onto an opportunity offered by enemies of Abia but I still harbor doubts that he is desperate to be governor even at the cost of Abia blood. I do not think he will like his name to be mentioned if anarchy goes anarchical. Sit the 3 major combatants down before it is too late to do so.
    Agwalam unu o.
    By JOK

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