Air Force Attacks on Niger Delta, What a Concerned Nigerian Said.

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    This is a comment from a concerned Nigerian on Air attacks which is currently being deployed by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on South Southern Nigeria -

    Do you know that deploying the air force in internal security operations is extremely callous and evil? It also benchmarks a terrible leader or an ignorant one.
    Internal security issues are seen as matters between the owners of the country: brotherly conflicts by citizens of a country. You cannot deploy the most awesome and unrestrained power of a state against the citizens of same state.
    It is actually an impeachable offense to deploy the air force to bomb any Nigerian community or state without approval by the National Assembly. Once you deploy the Air Force it means Nigeria is at war and the National Assembly must approve before we go to war.
    When a former military leader of Nigeria, General Muhammad Buhari declared that "attacks against Boko Haram is attack against the North" I thought he actually meant that then president cannot send air force to bomb Boko haram within the north and I silently sympathized with his position.
    But when the same man became president and started sending the Air Force to bomb Nigerian towns it dawned on me that the other comment was related to bigotry as against altruism or "speaking from military experience".
    Please stop sending Nigerian Air Force to go and bomb Nigerians. It is an impeachable offense and next time you do that some of us will demand that the National Assembly do their job by impeaching you.
    There are globally acceptable ways of dealing with local conflicts and use of Air Force to bomb Niger Delta villages is certainly not one of them. Deploying helicopter gun ships in Nigerian communities is evil, to say the least.
    The state is duty bound to protect one innocent person in a conflict zone even if it means allowing 10 evil persons escape from the law. But here in Nigeria the state arrests innocent persons, torture them and ask them to show where the evil person is or be killed. After that the innocent person is either bailed with money by someone or he will be "wasted".
    Anyhow yagayaga, Happy Sunday. One day Nigeria will get there.....if you stop casting stupid votes during elections.

    Post Credit - John Okiyi Kalu (JOK).

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