An Igbo Muslim Writes on Facebook, Got Mixed Reaction.

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by Izu, Jun 21, 2016.

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    An Igbo man took to an Igbo Facebook group to write about his faith and conviction of Islam, he got mixed replies from his Igbo brothers and sisters. Below is what he wrote -
    The comments will be posted below, as usual the name of those that commented will be removed as a mark of respect to their privacy.
  2. Izu

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    1. Go away

    2. Get out u mumu

    3. A Muslim is a terrorist, a terrorist is a Muslim simple!!!!

    4. We don't need u here OK

    5. What are u thinking

    6. Stupid Man U are not Igbo pls

    7. Idiot like you, if am your father I would have banished you from your village mumu.

    8. Na him sabi.

    9. Do not be fooled. There's only one name given among men whereby you might be saved. That name is Jesus Christ your saviour. Make hay while the sun shines. Come to Jesus Christ now before it is too late. We are leaving at the end time. Time is running out. Save your soul now. Research the bible for your own good. Now
    A. There are billions of non christians worldwide, what's gonna happen to them?
    B. Read the bible for them to come to Jesus Christ now before it is too late for them.
    C. Have u ever read the holy book of any other religion?, I guess no, how then do u expect them to read the Christian holy book and come to Jesus?. I put it to you Felix that you're a Christian today is certainly not by your choice, it's simply by accident of birth, if you had been born in Saudi Arabia or Iran for instance, you will definitely be a Muslim today. The same day I was born in Anambra state to staunch catholic parents, another child was born in Saudi Arabia to staunch Muslim parents. I have remained a catholic since birth just like the child born the same day with me have remained a staunch Muslim since his birth. God almighty will not punish anyone b/c of accident of birth. Majority of we igbos are Christians today not by choice but b/c we were born and raised as Christians.
    D. Remain blessed.

    10. That man is never an igbo man

    11. If u are from my place guys will go and distory ur home because you are bad egg among us, boko haram.

    12. He is a lost son.

    13. Lol...I will finish u up immediately. You are Okoroawusa specie.

    14. Muslim Igbo Man will be avoided to avoid problem at last to us,Maybe new Boko Haram.

    15. Jesus is the author finisher of our be careful what u believe.Jesus is the , the truth and the life.

    16. Lafs..See Mumu Malam.

    17. Bt If U Die Where willl They Burie the Igbo Muslim? Not In Our Ala.

    18. You are stupid.

    19. That is his choice. After all their families in southwest, south south eg Dokubo of all igbos, middle belts that a muslim will be in a family nd they are all peaceful. So, i have no problem with any igbo being a muslim as long as he is not a threat to me.

    20. I have many Muslims friends from north and west.
    But for an Igbo man and you are my brother or friend I will avoid you the way I will avoid cobra. Because you sold your soul for mere car (wealth).

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