Anioma Communities with Yoruba Origin by Osita Mordi.

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    The following are communities founded by people of Yoruba speaking origin in West Igbo area. I will elaborate on these communities in future writeups.
    1. The people of Ikoko in Ogbekenu villages of Onicha-Ugbo. They migrated from Ikare-Akoko in Ondo State some 200 years ago. They are fully assimilated as Igbo people. The founder is named Okoane. The top civil servant, late Steve Osemeke hailed from Ikoko-Onicha Ugbo.
    2. A section of Onichauku village of Ubulu-Uku was founded by a warrior called Jowasoro who migrated from Ilesha in Osun State. They now speak Igbo.
    3. The town of Ugbodu. It was founded in the 13th century by one Aderemi who migrated from Akure. The town has 4 villages. The fourth village was founded by one Ologun (or Balogun) who migrated from Owo, also in Ondo State. The three original villages are Iguisi, Ogbe-Ogwa(the royal qtr) and Agba. The village from Owo is called Ologhosa. Ugbodu speaks what many consider as the purest Olukwumi language. While its related to Yoruba, Olukwumi presents archaic features such as the presence of "z" and "gh" which does not exist in modern Yoruba. There are also many Igbo loan words. Nigerian football Captain in the 1985 Youth Football Championship, Nduka Ugbade is from Ugbodu. Nduka is clearly an Igbo name while Ugbede is of Edo origin. The royal father of the town is called OLOZA which in standard Yoruba is OLOJA.
    4. The people of Ukwunzu claim descent from one Ugbe who led a group of Oyo war mercenaries via Benin to the Western Igbo area in the 1500s. Ukwunzu had always acted as the "eye" of the old Benin Empire in the area. In the pre-colonial era, it was customary for tributes and royalties from West Igbo chiefdom sent to the Oba of Benin to pass via Ukwunzu. Like Ugbodu, Ukwunzu also speaks Olukwumi but its dialect has a greater degree of Igbo influence. Culturally too, Ukwunzu is tilting more to Igbo. The rulership of the town is based on the Okpala(Ozo or Mmor) title system. The most senior automatically becomes the Obi. The name too had changed from the original Eku-Afun to Ukwunzu.
    5. Ubulubu was founded by people from Ugbodu and Ukwunzu primarily about 200 years ago. It was originally speaking Olukwumi but has switched to Igbo one or two generations ago.
    6. In some versions, the people of Ogbe-Onei in Obomkpa town claim that their ancestors migrated from Owo in Ondo State.
    Apart from the Yoruba elements in Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha South , the other communities are located in Aniocha North. The present Olukwumi language is a legacy of the links West Igbo land has with the Yoruba speaking people. Culturally all these settlements are identical with their fellow Aniomas including those who still stick to the Olukwumi language and may not identify themselves as Igbo.

    Article credits to Osita Mordi.

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