Annoying Hypocrisy in the Present day Nigeria!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by izu, Jul 24, 2016.

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    There are some certain things that are happening in this present Nigeria that will make me wonder when exactly it all went wrong or are we just like that.

    An innocent woman was grisly murdered for doing nothing other than preaching the gospel, she was someone's loving wife, mother, sister, aunt, etc. I was expecting an uproar of discontentment but to my chagrin I got a minimal outcry from a few concerned individuals.

    Just a few days later, two over fed adults decided to insult themselves in a public gathering, a matter that those who are serious with their lives should ignore but hmm!
    I believe you saw what happened, many humanitarian organisations, woman's right groups sprang out overnight to speak of women right violations the groups and organisations that were nowhere to be found when a few of us were voicing our discontentment on the murder of the woman preacher.
    Many 'freedom fighters' went to printing shops who printed women rights T shirt which they took to the street to protest the insult of their sister. Those 'humanitarians' were nowhere to be found when their sister was killed, they said absolutely nothing about it. Shame! The problem of today's badly set up Nigeria is not entirely on the politicians (sorry, I don't like calling them leaders). Followers and local civilians constituted heavily to it. Once again, shame!

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