Annoying Traits of Buhari's Supporters.

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    I have been wondering what manner of love is this that
    Nigerians are daily showering on president Buhari and his
    entire family, this is really more than patriotism. It takes a
    person who loves you to give you positive suggestions on
    almost all issues, we had a case where one charge and bail
    lawyer sued president Buhari on his inability to produce his
    school certificate when it's obvious to all of us that
    president Buhari has obtained his Doctorate degree
    certificate from a reputable Nigerian university, it's very
    pathetic the crop of lawyers we produce these days who do
    not even know that doctorate degree is bigger than school
    cert. In fact when all these ripples settles down, we will
    ensure that his law certificate is thoroughly investigated by
    our almighty EFCC so as to appropriate adequate
    punishment. Anyway as lovers of Mr president, we
    sincerely advised him to just flash his school cert the
    same way he did with his PHD so as to shame that lawyer
    boy and other of his detractors, we also discouraged him
    from hiring dozens of our best legal luminaries for that boy
    whose name we have not even heard in Nigeria legal
    register. We asked Mr president to reserve some of his
    energies which his wife has affirmed that he doesn't have
    by just placing a call to WAEC to produce his Certificate.
    On the other hand, we advised Mummy Aisha to simply
    shame Fayose and the haters of the first family by taking a
    little trip to America. We told her that it's not true that the
    fear of American jail because of Halliburton's bribery
    scandal is the beginning of wisdom, after all, EFCC has
    even showed us both the fake Aisha and the real one even
    though the fake Aisha has not allowed us to see her face,
    but we know that elders don't lie in Igbo land. We even had
    to express our love to mama Aisha when they called her
    madam FOREX,,,,, bad belle people who are envious of her
    position will not let her rest, we defeated them to prove
    that she did not make billions just by buying dollar from
    bank at N190 to a dollar only to sell it at over N350 to a
    dollar same day. My Presido sir, just be rest assured that
    we will keep defending the first family both in advice and
    action, even when you entered that seat broke only to have
    all your children flying on first class flights and also school
    at some of the world's best schools. Thank you sir, as long
    as you have us behind you, do whatever you like, we will
    defend you to the last.

    Credits - Tony Onyenweaku.

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