Another Truth on Abia State Crisis.

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    The latest story is that Governor Okezie's legal team did
    not file stay of execution at the appeal court alongside the
    appeal they filed. The other variant is that INEC did not
    receive stay of execution in the appeal document submitted
    by Governor Ikpeazu's legal team.
    Liars of the federal republic.
    Governor Okezie Ikpeazu indeed filed a notice of appeal and
    stay of execution. INEC received and acknowledged it on
    That it was an INEC staff that purportedly made the above
    false claim about notice of appeal and stay of execution
    conclusively show that there must have been either
    criminal conspiracy or the individual was confused as to
    the difference between notice of appeal/stay of execution
    and filing of an appeal.
    Let's educate ourselves freely.
    For the avoidance of doubt, Governor Okezie couldn't have
    filed an appeal when Justice Okon Abang refused to
    release the CTC of his ruling. So which appeal were they
    talking about?
    You cannot file an appeal without forwarding the CTC of
    the judgement you are appealing. But you can file a notice
    of appeal and stay of execution then serve the trial judge
    and executors of the judgement.
    The law is aware that it was possible for an interested
    judge to be mischievous and refuse to release CTC on time
    while the beneficiary of his mischief rushes to execute the
    mischief. To prevent that, the law expects only notice of
    appeal and application for stay of education to be served
    while the aggrieved prepares his appeal case. There is also
    a period allowed for appeal to be filed even after serving
    notice of appeal. After that you can no longer appeal and
    the judgement will be executed.
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, homo and straight
    people, the CTC was obtained from Justice Abang's court
    late this afternoon. After much much "agro". A full appeal
    has been filed at Abuja.
    But also note this: the notice of appeal and application for
    stay of execution were delivered to Abang and INEC on
    Wednesday and INEC signed for their copy through one
    Saleh. All the relevant parties received and acknowledged.
    Yet INEC lied that they did not receive it as at yesterday
    they hurriedly issued the certificate of return to Mr Ogah.
    I don't want to allege mischief on the part of Justice Abang
    and INEC but I want to ask a question. When the appeal
    court ruled in favor of Otti on December 31sr 2016 was it
    not the notice of appeal and stay of execution served INEC
    the next working day that formed the basis of their stay of
    execution? Governor Okezie's appeal was filed about 2
    weeks after the ruling. Are they now suggesting that INEC
    hated Otti but love Ogah? Both judgements said "swear him
    in immediately". The Supreme Court ruled on Otti versus
    Okezie more than 2 months after. Why didn't INEC issue
    certificate to Otti then? Why didn't Otti land Abia with DSS
    and policemen to take over govt?
    I don't even want to engage those arguing that the instant
    case is different because it is a high court. Their argument
    speak for their ignorance. Let them just know that if a high
    court declares any of them guilty of armed robbery and
    sentence the person to death by hanging "immediately" no
    sane executioner will obey that until the appeal window
    Similarly, if the Lagos court trying Ogah for forgery and
    fraud sentence him to 5 years in prison he will not go to jail
    until he has exhausted his appeal windows. As long as he
    serves notice of appeal/application for stay of execution
    and later file an appeal within the available window.
    (Lawyers should confirm if that window is 21 or 14 working
    In addition, Abia's Chief Judge was dully served a court
    order from an equivalent court to Abang's court and she
    chose to enforce the Abia High Court order which in any
    case came to her first. Every lawyer know she is in order
    as long as both rulings are valid.
    Let nobody misunderstood me here. I am still not
    interested in arguing whether Governor Okezie is guilty or
    not. I already know with full assurance that his taxes were
    deducted before he received his salaries. Just like mine in
    the past 22 years. I also know that only the issuing
    authority can declare a document forged and if they made mistakes on a document they issued the guilt is on them,
    not the person they gave it to. That is the law in its
    simplest form. Personally, I have in the course of my
    working career received pay slips with errors and also
    original tax clearance certificate which I submitted without cross checking.
    Let the legal process be exhausted up to the Supreme
    Court and if Ogah wins I will be the first to congratulate
    him and urge Abians to support him. But if Governor
    Ikpeazu win I expect all Abians to rally round him and stop
    the distractions. If our elders cannot hold a reconciliation
    meeting I will personally rally our youths to organize one.
    I am fed up with all these litigations and power struggles.
    All is anti Abia. I was even told earlier today that Alex Otti
    is preparing to sue or join the existing suit. He is likely to
    claim that if indeed Governor Okezie has genuine tax issues
    he should be sworn in as the second placed at the actual
    election given that the PDP ticket would have died with that error.
    Do you guys see my problem? More Abia wealth (private
    and public) will be wasted on litigations while common
    folks continue to suffer.
    The same people celebrating the litigations with the
    attendant distractions will also be the first to post pictures
    of bad Osusu or Faulks road at Aba. But they will never ask
    our litigation crazed politicians to just establish one
    productive industry in our state with their fabulous wealth.
    Nde Ogbanje!
    Whoever is preparing the juju that is destabilizing Abia
    State by making our wealthy sons fight endless wars
    against us and themselves will be uprooted by God in
    Jesus name.
    A M E N!

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