APC Anambra State Advocated Grazing, 'Attacked' on Facebook.

Discussion in 'Development' started by Izu, Jun 20, 2016.

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    The All Progressive Congress (APC), Anambra State Chapter advocated for Grazing bill and caused a very big stair among ndigbo on Facebook. The message was posted on a popular Facebook group  - Igboville. Below is the full post by Okelo Madukaife, State Publicity Secretary, APC, Anambra State.

    Anambra should partake in cattle rearing -APC
    Our great party enjoins the Government of Anambra State to look beyond the popular, but ephemeral passion of hate now in the air, and strongly consider the advantages of participating as a stakeholder in the establishment of cattle ranches being midwifed by the Federal Government (FG) through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.
    This is particularly important because the emphasis on farming will attract FG’s heavy spending and value addition to the economy of the state, while drastically reducing unemployment and promoting industrial growth.
    Since expenditure for this priority project is already approved in the 2016 Budget and forms part of the subsisting Appropriation Act, it is likely to go to that state which has indicated interest in participation through provision of land for the purpose.
    Under no circumstance should Anambra State which cannot boast of any income outside its below average monthly federal allocation and uninspiring Internally generated fund (IGR), and has so many things it has not done owing to funds LOSE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR INVESTMENT by the Federal Government and yet keep trumpeting foreign investment in the media, because every well managed foreign outfit will consider the hostility of the state to local investment.
    It smacks, in our view of a complex to reject in blanket a scheme that can offer jobs to hundreds of thousands of youth and ex-youth of both sexes in the State In the areas of cattle rearing for beef production, milk production and processing of dairy products like cheese, butter, ice cream and others in the near future.
    We dare say even against what may seem to be vogue thinking at the moment that Anambra State has a lot to benefit by joining in those states that have affirmed their participation.
    However, in order to take into consideration the genuine fears of those who may have an objection of two on the lofty project, based on some recent security breaches and excesses of criminally-minded infiltrates in the cattle rearing business, Obiano led government should convene a stakeholders summit to discuss the pros and cons of the proposal.
    The resolutions of the said summit should through the Anambra State House of Assembly translate into ground laws, particularly as it pertains the ownership and management structure of the areas so mapped out. The House will also be at liberty to legislate the participation quota for Anambra State indigenes in the venture.
    It would be an anathema of immense proportions if in the near future, further voices of anger rise from our state to complain against the funds spent in other states on this dairy venture to the exclusion of Anambra.
    Besides, for as long as beef remains part of the diet in Anambra State and there are no pastoralists or ranches in the state, it would in future be sourced from afar, at great costs, which will influence the cost of living and ceremonies, and therefore reduce deplete life expectancy.
    The importance of these steps must be appreciated against the background that after the establishment of ranches across that state, herdsmen would be compulsorily taken off the streets, for security and livestock and other considerations, and as also supported by public opinion.
    The time to avoid such potentially wasteful cry that may come too late is NOW.
    Okelo Madukaife
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    Below is the spanking APC Anambra State received for such trashy updates.
    Please note that name of those that commented are not included as a respect to their privacy.
    1. Okelo. Which of the northern Nigeriana state is better than Anambra or any part of Igboland?! Yes, you are another J Igbokwes; hungry, shameless pigz!!!
    A. Go and give Fulanis your ancestral home for grazing.
    B. E get ancestral home? Naim be the question.

    2. APC...... @liars. See how this man twisted grazing ground to ranches, does he know that there is a difference between the two? Has he ever heard the FG talk about establishing ranches? And even if they plan to do so, what are the conditions, will they come to Anambra and establish ranches for Fulanis or for the people of Anambra, and why will it be the duty of the FG to establish those ranches, since when did the FG begin investing directly into private businesses. Mr. Okeilo you are no different from Lair Mohammed, Joe Igbokwe and APC's propaganda machines, so rest your case we would not give our land to Fulanis just because fools like you have refused to listen to common sense neither make use of it. Our people can make ranches happen without the half truth setup of the FG. Wicked People @APC.

    3. You want to give your ancestral heritage to strangers abi? You no know say na Fulani people go take over your land,kill and chase you guys off. Why not ask Federal and state government to invest heavily in the heavy industries in Nnewi and aba? Moron.
    A. Such person doesn't have ancestral home na born throwaway tinz.

    4. The foolish poster is not a full blooded Igbo man the fulani herds men fucked hell out of his mother to produce him.

    5. Please do not blame Okelo Madukaife, he is just doing the job he was sent to do by his paymasters.
    A. So if they send am to sell him papa land, he go sell am, abi?

    7. With all the above insults & tantrums being thrown by supposed grown ups then it's obvious we still have a long way to go as regards to being economically viable through agriculture & pastural business Meanwhile Anambra should diligently get involved as it stands to benefit all Hatred is a curse my people.
    A. No apology. Your must have been fathered by a Daura bastard!!

    8. This is an example of a sane man faking madness.
    A. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha.

    9. Story for the gods! Go to Southern Kaduna and Plateau and ask them how far. Grazing bill is a Fulani agenda and no amount of baptism can force it down our throats.

    10. Egbe na okuko adighi azu ofu ahia!
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    Comments by the concerned ndigbo continues -
    11. Pls is this guy igbo?
    Igboville Welfare Moderators we cannot tolerate such humans here who wants us to do grazing. We cannot. We cannot get hold of governors who wants to go with grazing and these pseudo humans that we can get hold of, we must treat them like we would have treated those governors this person does not deserve to be here pls..the Northerners are not asking their governors to allow them sell beer. We must not let this guy spend another minute here.

    12. Ndi ara. So you wasted my scarce commodity (time) all to conclusively tell me how to organize all the Herdsmen in this town and give them a "terror ground"? These morons sef! What is stopping these idiots from advicing Anambarians, and indeed, citizens of others states to venture into cattle-rearing? Must the jihadists do it? Ok, if it is their birth-right, let them purchase land for same. We have no land to map out for terrorists and political criminals. I already know what politicians are up to; lands for sale and re-sale tomorrow, to be bought by selves and cronies. Ndi Oshi!

    13. its very unfortunate how APC have turned you into a cow serving apprentice. Chei little wonder you wrote in defense of the killer herdsmen while trying to lampoon your kinsman [CENSORED] for stating the obvious on the number of people killed by the herdsmen. So APC agenda is to Ranchanise and islamize the southeast and Anambra state in particular?

    14. There are lots of Okelos in the SE&SS States masturbating all over the cyberspace. Shameless lots. We don't need such blood money from the FG. How come you're not championing for the FG to give Ndigbo free land and shops in the North for spare parts business and pharmaceuticals?

    15. I can't believe an Igbo can write this. What has happened to some of our people? The north has virtually infinite land in their domain and so why come down to south to seek for land for grazing? So it means some people still cannot read why they are seeking for this. Preposterous.

    16. My humble advice,Mr Okelo, simply because you are member of APC does not mean you should buy and try to sell to us any product they have. Some are pure acid, unfit for human consumption. e.g is this grazing stuff or the sermon by Jinaidu that oil belong to the North.

    17. Na by force?

    18. Even wasting our state fund by Obiano for fueling Helicopters that flies over the state just because of private Businesses of Cattle owners like Buhari, Atiku, Tambuwal, Sambo and others is a height of it. Why can't the governor make a pronouncement of Cattle rearing Bann in the State and send the bill to the state Assembly for passage? My people oh my people! Efulefu of continue living in error because you are opportuned to be in government will continue setting us back as political beggars until your(South Eastern politicians) senses begins to think of welfare and prestige of your people first before your personal interests. Our Eastern political leaders see everything as opportunity for them to make money even if it will bring perpetual sufferings to their people.

    19. No cattle ranch owned by the Fula is will be establishes in out state.

    20. You can start your own in your father compound. The way so empty element whose mother r hause like rochas alway think make me laugh, i am a full fresh igbo man, u half bake igbo wants to dictate for us. IMPOSSIBLE
  4. Izu

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    Replies continues -
    21. Okelo have you seen why i am worning you since now you have shown the people how foolish you are.

    22. We need no law to go into the business, start it if you care and stop asking for government laws to handover people's land to ndi ara!

    23. God forgive you, nwa ogwugwu oge. Son of perdition.

    24. We in the east or let me be frankly and precise. We in the south does not do perishable business like rearing nor breed cows. And neither can we build ranches. For what purpose and use will it be. Our land is too fertile for planting grass. We can go on improved farming mechanization and industry to take care of our farm produce. Let ranches be built or constructed in the region, where it will have value.

    25. We thought that it was only a few seeds that Hausa Fulani dropped in Biafra. Now we know that they are many. Just extend your sympathy to them. #NigeriaReferendumNow #BiafraExitNow.

    26. This poster is very tufiarable, this is the type the gods want for sacrifice....

    27. God bless you.We can not live in abundance of water and feel thirsty.Cattle ranch is for ever.

    28. All these Awusa they born in Igboland, thunder go fire una one by one.

    29. Okelo go and tell your paymasters to stop testing our patience. We don't want it and can never allow that, no matter the hordes of efulefus employed to twist, intimidate and deceive ndi Anambra and SE. Your line of argument is very pathetic and a demented drivel.

    30. Onyea obu onye? Kedu obodo ichoro ka hachiba ehi na'la igbo?
  5. Izu

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    31. What do you expect from someone who is sharing the same ancestry with ... Such people shouldn't be bothered because they're doing the work of their masters.

    32. I thought your father have at least a piece of land, donate it to your fulani brethren!

    33. Kitikpa lachaa gi anya. Otolo enweghi nwanne gbapu gi na ndi herdsmen isi.

    34. This guy is s Deluded idiot.

    35. You see how foolish we are,you did not counter the post with your common sense rather insulting the poster.You will continue wailing until 2023 you will need APC to cure your headache.How many senate president of Igbo tribe managed senate president positions from 1999 till date and tell me what did we benefited from their positions in Igbo land?.
    A. What has Senate President between 1999 -date got to do with this? Do SE Senators that represents 13.7% of the Red Chamber have the requisite number to impeach the Senate President? Is it no longer 2/3 majority representing 72.7% that has that power? When some of you make this spurious and watery allegation you appear or see yourself to have made a Socratic contribution. But on the contrary, it's the normal banter and propaganda.
    B. Ok nah....Continue wailing.
    C. Wailing? Come up with facts and burst the bubble. Stop the game. You guys are very predictable! Cork and shoot kind of politics.

    36. Agu dowaa gi agba mr madukaife

    37. Fool! You can't see beyond your nose Hausa man want to use style occupy our land. Is it only them that can rear cattle? Blind fool!

    38. Bikonu, umu Igbo, Iwe unu dajua. Okelo Madukaife , if you ask me ,this is the wrongest time to try to talk about grazing in any disguise to umu Igbo. Not after the massacre of Igbo's in Onitsha and in the North. Anambra don't need federal money to survive. Peter Obi governed us for 8 years without borrowing. The federal government should take the money to the north and build cattle reserve, after all they have more land mass than both SE/SS put together.

    39. Agbata, The right time is within the lifespan of the reference budget.We showed understanding of the popular street sentiment,but do not regret taking a position against it.Leadership,particularly for development purposes is not always a showmanship.It is bearing risks to courageously fortell the future for the common good of Ndigbo.Thats what APC stands for.The massacre of pro-Biafra celebrate at Onicha which we have condemned has nothing to do with promotion of agriculture and industries.Has any Igbo man announced that he is on hunger strike because of that unfortunate incident and the even more unfortunate reaction from Anambra State Government.It would add vale if we can discuss the merits of the proposal.

    40. Lol......
  6. Izu

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    41. What are you trying to say. You want us to cede our land to Fulani abi? You no dey hear wetin happen for agatu or Enugu. You want us to live side by side with this killers. Can't ndigbo also carry out this cattle rearing? What is wrong if people of anambra carry out the cattle rearing by they selves? Can't you see where went wrong.

    42. You must read and understand before reacting.There is no mention of any body outside Anambra State citizens to be employed by the proposed industry in the statement.If others rear cattle Ndigbo do too.If others have their breed Ndigbo do too.If the industry is in Anambra using money from the federal purse,it is Anambra sons and daughters that will be employed.Do not read what we have not said into the statement please.

    43. This is a very stupid post! You want to establish ranches but will say nothing about the killings by herdsmen! How many settlements have you carved out for Igbo traders in the North?

    44. The poster is very stupid and agent of darkness. We say no to cattle rearers.

    45. its unfortunate for u and ur ilks. Go tell ur foolani paymasters that we have no land in the east for foolani cows in d name of grazing reserves. U want to legally give Fulani ur land to occupy and perpetrate their evil agenda against ur ppl. B wise and start seeing beyond ur nose and plate of porridge.

    46. You don't need a kind of bill to establish a ranch.There are lots of land in the north where you can do ranch business even with mechanized farming.Democracy as a system is all about respecting the people's opinion. There are so many projects that with attract economic development in the east which federal government can venture into.construction of Enugu-Onitsha expressway is more economically viable for us than cattle ranch.I understand you are APC spokesman, do the work with your sense before people mob you.

    47. This guy is evil.

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