Appropriate Political Responses of Ndigbo.

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    It has been observed that many of our people are weak when it comes to responding to political shades, taunts and propaganda used against us by other Nigerians.

    When they refer to the 1966 coup as an "Igbo coup", Hence the Genocide. Kindly give them these responses, Then;

    February, 1976 coup was Angas/Idoma/Middle-Belt Coup?

    April, 1990 coup was Urhobo, Ijaw and Niger Delta Coup?

    1997 Coup was Yoruba coup?

    Every other coups, Fulani/Kanuri and Northerners' coup?

    When they say Ndigbo are not united and they put all these eggs in one basket.

    Ask them;.....And what they recently did and still doing is?


    The list is endless and it's sad this narrative and propaganda have been told and retold, just like the popular proverb, that when a lie has been told severally it sticks on the lips of people and the ignorants see it to be true, even many naive Ndigbo are beginning to accept such as true.

    We invite the political conscious and sagacious to drop their own inputs here, by also identifying and give us APPROPRIATE RESPONSES. Many Ndigbo need to master the art and trade of propaganda as far as the present Nigeria's political space is concerned.
    By Igboville Group.

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