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Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by izu, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Aro vs Nri. They the are two major ancestors of the the great Igbo Nation, there have been an argument on whom among them welds more POWER, this is my little understanding.
    Aro is the founder of Southern Igboland while Nri is that of Northern. Both did not established kingdoms until 10th Century. Nri Kingdom was established in 10th around 948 Ad while Aro Kingdom was established in 17th Century around 1650 or there about.

    The kingdom did not operate the same way, Nri was a non military Kingdom which means that the ruler had no military power over the subjects, the government in practice was elective monarchy, meaning that the rulers were elected from the people who are from the monarchical lineage.

    Aro Kingdom was established after about 700 years of Nri Kingdom, it was a pure military Kingdom with the Warriors from Abiriba, Ohafiah and to an extent, Afikpo.

    Both Kingdom practiced Odinani religion. The headquarter of Nri Kingdom was Igbo - Ukwu while that of Aro was Arochukwu. Nri Kingdom was abolished by British government after he lost the war to them while Aro was abolish a bit earlier.

    Eli, the founder of Nri was a powerful chief priest and so were his first born descendants (up till today). He was charismatic, his fame exceeded Igboland. This continued with his lineage who later got in contact with Bini Kingdom where they were called to offer sacrifices to gods. They were expert of Odinani religion. Eli's power lies on his spiritual duties, he was not known for fighting or as a warrior. However, he was greatly loved and respected.

    Aro was a no nonsense man, a fighter and warrior, his major power lies on the edge of his swords. However, he performed priestly duties when called to, and so were his first born descendants, up till today. Aro was a typical bully whose descendants played a key role in the ever ugly slave trade in Igboland.
  2. Izu

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    After reading this thread I posted sometime ago let me clear something here.
    * The purpose of this thread is never to discredit either of Aro or Nri but just express my opinion.
    * None of them is greater, Nri was great and so was Aro.
    * Both operated in different ways but the culture was similar and so is it today.
  3. Chika

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    Anambarians are noisy and flamboyant. While abians are quiet and simple. FACT.

    They have an invisible rivalry between themselves.

    Anambra has Onitsha and nnewi, while Abia has Aba and Abiriba.

    Check your naira notes, the two Igbo portraits there are from anambra ( ZIK N500) and abia ( ALVAN IKOKU N10)

    First African VC of Univ of Ibadan - Professor Kenneth Dike (Anambra), while First African VC of UNILAG and UNN is Professor Eni Njoku (Abia).

    First Nigerian civilian President - zik (anambra), First Nigerian Military head of state - ironsi (abia)

    Igbo vice presidents - Sir. Alex Ekwueme (anambra), Comm. Ebitu Ukiwe (abia)

    Nollywood nerve centers are 51, iweka road, Onitsha (anambra), and 1/3 pound road, Aba (Abia)

    I could keep going on and on...
  4. Izu

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    @Chika, division is not the purpose of this thread and your first sentence alone is not acceptable. I don't have the time comparing Abia State with Anambra but you should know that that's not what I have in mind in this thread and this entire forum. IgboBuOfu is for unification not division.
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    @ izu, mmamma o....whether deliberate or not, you post caption, "aro vs nri" , along with the way you painted eze nri and eze aro sounds like rivalry to me. Eze NRI was loved and respected, while eze aro was a typical bully right? OK o...

    yes, Igbo bu otu....

    My purpose was NEVER to downplay my anambra brothers. No. But be it a compliment or be it derogatory, anambarians are flamboyant and they flaunt a lot. Eziokwu ka'm na gwa gi....

    My septuagenarian dad once told me it was a rivalry once between old anambra and old Imo states, now it has been narrowed down to present day anambra vs abia... Anyway, I have no qualms with that as long as its a healthy rivalry.
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  6. Chika

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    I love anambarians to pieces, just in case you should know. But also know that I am one of those who will not stand and let someone accord a non-anambarian (Abians especially) improperly.
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  7. Izu

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    First, I don't remember mentioning Anambra and Abia State in this post. Please point to me where I mentioned in case I mistakenly mentioned them.

    Second the Aro and Nri post is not aimed at denoting one while promoting the other.
    Nri is respect and loved - truth! Nri was never a warrior and is not feared.
    Aro is a bully and a warrior, feared in Igboland and beyond - true.

    What I said above is a simple post you should not make to sound as it was a rivalry, you don't even know my ancestry. Strange you think Nri is the ancestry of everyone in Anambra State.
    You also failed to understand that Igbo could have been feared like other Big Nigerian tribes if we all have Aro approach. Call me tyrant if you want.

    Nigeria state system is aimed making sure Igbo is not united and it is now working like a charm. This is the reason while Egbema people in Rivers deny being Igbo while those in Imo are proudly Igbo. This is the reason most of are people in Rivers State are deny their people so they will not be hated like Igbos in that region.

    I really can't understand why you don't see this post beyond the Anambra vs Imo nonsense.
  8. Chika

    Chika New Member

    Who doesn't know that nri has been affiliated to anambra, while aro has been affiliated to abia?

    Maybe your caption should be "aro and nri" NOT "aro vs nri" in order not to mislead readers. It brings unhealthy comparisons.

    Am seeing beyond the 'nonsense', just that I want issues to be well presented.

    As for the river igbos, na dem sabi.... Am contented with my obigbo brothers in rivers who are proudly Igbo and mix a lot with their abia brothers. Others can go to Jupiter.
  9. Izu

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    I don't know how to explain this in a language you can understand, believe me I've looked down the post over and over to see where I mentioned Abia vs Anambra but I didn't. Aro vs Nri is not Anamabra vs Abia and will never be. Nri is not affiliated to Anambra and Aro is not affiliated to Abia, Nri is Nri and not Anambra while Aro is Aro and not Abia.
    I found it unacceptable the way you jumped into my innocent post of bringing two different Igbo ancestry which operated in different ways to mere Nigerian political creation of Abia and Anambra. What I understood is that you conjured and unexciting point to my reasoning, I created this thread, the post was made by me and is not edited. I told you that I did not compare Abia State with Anambra so see it so, unless you are in mind to know that what I am saying is not the truth.
    Nri is not affiliated to Anambra and Aro is not affiliated to Abia, there are many people in Abia that have nothing to do with Aro and the same goes to Anambra with Nri.

    I am also flabbergasted to see the Anambra vs Abia because what I use to see is Anambra vs Imo which I hate.
    As of the topic name Aro vs Nri, it is the right title to me. I was trying to point out the difference between Aro and Nri based on their modus operandi which is the reason compared Nri with Aro.
    Take a look on what I posted and point where I you disagreed on what I said and don't put a word to my mouth. As I said above, I hate the existing Anambra vs Imo joystick size measurement.
  10. Chika

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    Anyway, I reserve my comment for now on the nri vs aro whatever.

    I am used getting jeers from anambarians that's why I shoot at any attempt they make in trying to inflate themselves above others

    On the anambra vs imo issue, yes, that was when igbo had only two states. My birth certificate is under imo, because I was born when abia was part of old imo state. That two igbo state period was when the rivalry started. most of all the firsts that was in old imo are now in present day abia, so don't act like as if you don't know. You know.

    I don't have issues with a healthy sibling rivalry, as long as you don't take it out of context.

    Go to nairaland.com, you will see anambra vs abia rivalry at its worst.
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  11. Izu

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    I just saw a new thread on Nairaland - Anambra vs Imo, pathetic!

    I don't think there is a need for rivalry in a family, competition maybe but rivalry is a no no to me. We need to see ourselves as one not as Anambra, Imo, Abia etc.
    This is the purpose of this community, to organize ourselves as one people and to speak in one voice. We cant achieve anything without being together as one, the earlier we understand this the better for us.
  12. Chika

    Chika New Member

    Its okay if its a healthy rivalry, it makes the competition interesting. The anambra vs abia thread on nairaland got to about 12 pages.... !!!!

    Let me see that of anambra vs imo....
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  14. Izu

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    I've never stumbled on the thread in that link before, so disappointed. Can't hide myself in shame.
    @Abagworo, can you please, please and please edit that your thread?
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Look at how they are mocking us, so shameful!
  15. Chika

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    Is abagworo on this forum?
  16. Izu

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    Yeah but I don't think he is currently active, seems like he's a friend to @Onye cos he invited him here.
    Onye, please tell your friend to modify that post. Thanks.

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