As I was Passing 1 : B̶e̶d̶r̶o̶o̶m̶ Fight, Super Aisha dares Fayose!

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    As I was Passing 1...

    :: B̶e̶d̶r̶o̶o̶m̶ Fight, Super Aisha dares Fayose! ::

    The sun facing the West means it's calling it a day, going back to it's abode and let the ever lazy moon prepare to run the night show.
    Adjacent to the nearest provision store were I went to buy something is a mini bar, scanty in the day but fill to the brim at the evening, just outside the bar, by the corner is a group of 4 young men who were seated in a spherical form with the table at the center to make it 'round-table seating'. They have at least 8 full bottles of cold bear on the table and seems excited, chatting animatedly.

    Mr. A : Yes, Fayose told EFCC to open Buhari's wife case as there was a time she dey do 419 for America.

    Mr. B : Why did he say that? He want Buhari's problem?

    Mr. A : No, Buhari and his workers in EFCC started it, they are the one that blocked his account saying he stole his State's money to run the past election.

    Mr. C : This Buhari is always bullying other politicians that are not in APC.

    Mr. A : Yes, Buhari is a bully but Fayose is not easily intimidated. So after EFCC blocked his bank account and seize his money, he told them to also hold Buhari's wife as she did 419 in America.

    Mr. C : Interesting but how true is this?

    Mr. A : Very true, she ran back from America and has not gone back since. If she set her foot in US today she will be arrested and sent to jail. On hearing the news of what Fayose said about her she called Fayose AN UNCHAINED MAD DOG and challenge him to a combat. She said her husband is old but she is young and fit at 45 and can handle Fayose 'the Unchained mad dog'.

    Mr. B : Woman challenging a man to duel, isn't it absorb?

    Mr. A : Depending on the kind of battle they will engage and the location ... but I am very sure in must be at the bedroom. The woman called her husband an old man and unfit but she will match the unchained mad dog. Hope you guys know what dogs are noted for. [All of them laughing in an uncontrollable manner].

    Mr. D (who seems like a reserved person) : But Hausa women are shy and very cultured, especially their married ones.

    Mr. A (cutting in) : No, they are night wolves. In the day they are shy and timid but at night hmmmm... [laughing] I lived in the North for a very long time so I know them like back of my hand... dammmnnn I will do everything to watch the fight, that woman seems to be on fire. [they all continued with their prolonged laughs].
    Hilarious!!! SMH... collected my change from the shopkeeper and walked pass them.

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