As Nomadic Fulani Imperialism Soars! by Igbonekwu Ogazimorah

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    Sounds funny?
    Better think it over. It is not.
    Exactly four months and two days after the herdsmen inflited untellable damage on the natives of Nimbo, in Uzo Uwani LGA, of Enugu State, they struck at Attakwu-Akegbe-Ugwu, just outskirts of Enugu metropolis.
    As usual, the targets were the soft ones. Sleeping natives, aged, children, sickly and the pregnant. They had their day.
    By simple chance, I cornered a herdsmen on the outskirts of Amodu, a community not far from Akegbe. We got talking.
    Me: But don't you think you are getting too close to people's house and this may anmoy villagers who may react?
    Herdsman (indeed, boy): Oga, I no annoy am cow. Na pass we dey pass. Ib (if) you chase my cow we go kill for you (if you act in ways that would cause my cows to scatter, we would mobilise and come and kill everybody).
    Me: But it is not good to kill human being because of cows?

    Herdsboy: Ebelivodi(everybody) important. Cow imfortant. Ferson imfortant. A kili ma cow, a kili you. A make ma cow run away, a kili you. (Everybody is important. Cow is important. Person (human being) is important. If you kill my cow, I will kill you. If you cause my cow to run away, I will kill you.
    Cold shivers ran through.
    Thank you, I hailed the lanky boy, barely 16, and made for my car. "Oga, ba-bai Sir", he hailed back and turned to his cows.
    It was at Attakwu-Akegbe-Ugwu that what this kid was saying sank.
    I had come to find out what actually led to the attack.
    Here is the correct native, eye witness account.
    "That family was shocked to find so many cows striding into their compound, eating up all family crops even in the homestead. The young man rushed into the house and brought out a metal gun which he started beating. The cows panicked and scattered in all directions. The herdsmen were simply furious. They left threatening to deal with that family. Two days later, they struck."
    This was the correct story, not anything relating to what the police said about a prospective Herdsboy who arrived from Zamfara and had not been employed since he came. This attack, like all others, from the Benue Valley to now Adada Basin and Awgu valleys, were well planned and approved by headship of the herder clan in Enugu State.
    When I eventually met quite an enlightened Fulani, not nomadic, and who is not quite sympathetic to these herders, I got the entire stories.

    These herdsmen believe that this Buhari administration is their time to avenge all ills done them and to "really, really put fears in the people."
    And why do they always go for the soft targets?
    He laughed. "It is normal. You start from the known to the unknown. You give an idea of what you can do by starting with the weak, so that you can frighten and weaken the strong," he smiled.
    "So, what you call gruesome carving of the dead does not mean they are cannibals. They are not. It is psychological warfare. And they are saying, 'stay in towns, leave the bushes for us', otherwise you get exterminated," he concluded.
    According to him, any person who ever thinks that the menace would end by the level of shock shown over the mutilation of bodies has not read his history books.
    What he gives as consolation was that it was wrong for the Southerners to see the menace as one other Northern agenda of either Islamisation or political Hegemony. Those nomads, he swore, were not even Muslims. "They do not vote in elections, either."
    While I told my friend that he actually needed a century and tons of words to sell these fine points, it dawned on me that what the ragged herdsboy told me was a well rehersed tradition, and reversing it would be quite a task.
    "Did you say reverse?" My friend hissed. "You will never achieve that. Even in the North where most of you think we and them are the same, we cannot get them to change. Nobody gets them to change."

    Then, we may have to ask them to live, I snarled.
    "Then, you be ready to fight. They do not yield a quarter, without a fierce fight, and they actuall believe their occupation of this area is concluded, especially on the erroneously belief that Buhari's government has approved all their moves and actions," my friend smiled again, patted my shoulder and we parted.
    Is stood, and hummed, my o my! So, this region is already in defeat and in the kitty of murderous gangs, while our governor drives about the bushes in plush appointed SUVs and sheds tears, which actually gladdens the heart of the conquistadors?
    Welcome to the Nomadic Fulani Empire of Southern Nigieria!

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