... As we continue to Wait for Equity and Justice.

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    “I believe in the unity of Nigeria and believe that the destiny of Ndigbo will be better served within a Nigeria based on equity and justice..."
    The statement above is from Nsukka born Nollywood actor cum Lawyer/politician, I am not only disappointed in him but many others who share such slap-worthy opinion.

    For an African elite tribe of Igbo to be waiting for equity and justice from someone is heart breaking.
    For a people of over 40 Million (about the size of Kenya) who will probably among the 10 most populous nation in Africa to be waiting fair treatment is so shameful that others must not hear else we will be turned to an object of caricature.
    For a people well known throughout Africa and the Whole world to peg destiny among those that will do anything to make sure they did not progress and yet ask for equity and justice is another reason to believe that whatever is wrong with us is 'spiritual'.
    For a people named the most intelligent black race to hand their destiny in the hands of someone other people is a reason to mourn.
    For a people everyone want to belong and yet does not want to build a 'home' for themselves is reason to cry for help, yes, we seriously need help.

    Meanwhile, the person waiting for equity and justice from the most underdeveloped part of Igboland, he is from the side that have been attacked severally by the Fulani herdsmen animals with no protection from his government and yet he believes in his 'united' country.
    Isn't it a funny logic for a Lawyer to believe in unity and yet think some are not treated with equity and justice, maybe I should recheck the meaning of 'unity' perhaps the meaning have changed.

    You know what? Let's say goodbye to self determination and wait for equity and justice in the 'united' Nigeria. We have waited for 50 years and maybe we get equity in the next 1000 years.
    Our children for sure will ask us questions one day and we will tell them we are waiting for equity and justice.

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