Between Buhari, Democracy and Biafra.

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    Nigerians have a way of putting forward arguments that are neither here nor there. A very unprofessional and despotic response was credited to a President on Biafra; after he asserted that Biafra protesters should organize themselves peacefully and ask for a referendum. The General who pretends to be a democratic President turned around in America, the same America he divided the country according to 97% vs. 5% line, ate his word with No Referendum for Biafra. Some Nigerians, who fully know this is an insult on our collective fundamental right are justifying this Nazism-like statement with arguments like "referendum is unconstitutional."
    Do they really want to push the unconstitutional argument? If truly they want, can anyone pray tell which part of Nigerian constitution supports a "certificateless" candidate to become Nigerian President? You can argue that he obtained higher education in the US, our constitution states school certificate. Till date, the President is yet to provide his.

    Second, the constitution does not support incapacitated President to remain in office. Especially when the President admitted his age would be a hindrance for him to deliver on his promises. Now you ask why the economy is in ruins! It is not only health that can make a president incapable, but the lack of what to do can also make one incapacitated. A lawyer hired as an architect is incapacitated to execute that job! Will you enter a flight that Young Shall grow driver is the pilot? When one is unfit for a job, he/she is incapacitated! It is unconstitutional for Buhari to remain as the President even after he admitted his age is a clog on the wheel.
    Third, is it constitutional that Buhari is yet to sanction the military for Shiites and May 30 killing of innocent citizens peacefully protesting Biafran remembrance? His inability to protect the citizens is unconstitutional because he swore an oath to protect them.
    Fourth, is it constitutional that President Buhari is also the Minister of Petroleum? Holding two positions at the same time. What does the constitution say about this aspect of the law?
    Fifth, is it constitutional that President Buhari is nepotic in his selection of cabinet members, which his aides agreed but promised he would address soon? Soon is going to two years of this administration!

    Lastly, can I read the section of the constitution that supports family members attending serious business of governance such as ONGA? That is why First lady/ Wife of the President office remains unconstitutional not to talk of Daughters of President! You may argue this is not illegal, but it is improper and the constitutions simply means a body of fundamental principles which a state is governed. It can be written or unwritten! If referendum appeared in the US constitution which we plagiarised to get ours, it is criminal for this military/1999 constitution to remove that aspect that empowers the people to ask for a divorce when the rape in marriage is bruising!
    If all these are not stipulated in the law of the land yet enforced by the president, and you still support his stay as the President, then you have no right to argue that Biafra referendum is unconstitutional!
    #BiafrExit Referendum will happen whether Buhari sanctions that or not. What I even find interesting and worrisome is the way President Buhari talks. His body language and statement does not sound like a President elected with four years mandate but like a man elected as a life President. People close to him should remind him that his mandate is less than 35 months before he transits back to Daura with his outmoded leadership style.

    By J Duke Anago

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