Between Zik, Ojukwu and Nnamdi Kanu

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    Yes Zik was GREAT and no Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu was not “just a child of circumstance”: Belittling our late heroes to prop up Nnamdi Kanu will not be tolerated
     Zik returned turned to Nigeria “a frustrated young man”? Really? Well let me teach you what you don’t know that you should know. After successfully obtaining two masters degrees in Anthropology and Political Science he returned to Africa, Ghana to be precise, and founded the African Morning Post, a Pan-African newspaper that promoted anti-colonialism. Zik founded this paper immediately he returned from the United States. Yes, he dared to do this while in Africa during the colonial days and it landed him in jail for 6 months. This is contrast to Kanu who stayed in the comforts of the UK to do his bid via Radio Biafra.
     It was the Zik of Africa who some of the greatest leaders ever in Africa referred to him as their mentor: The great Pan-Africanist and former President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and the great Civil Rights activist and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela. It was Zik who pushed Nkrumah to run a vision anti-colonialism campaign in Ghana which led to the independence of his country in 1957. It was Zik who gave young civil rights activist, Nelson Mandela, came to for asylum from the apartheid South African state government in Eastern Nigeria for 6 good months.
     To further list the exploits of Zik in Africa and Nigeria in particular, after returning from the U.S. Zik also went on to start a newspaper called the West African Pilot which he used to not only promote Pan-Africanism against the colonial power and Nigerian nationalism but also to fight back against tribalistic stories and articles against the Igbo people emanating from the Western Region news dailies in Nigeria. He backed this up by forming the first news chain paper in Africa under the Zik Group of Newspapers. This strong media hold by Zik was used strongly and effectively by the Igbo people to further their respect and reverence across Nigeria. The Eastern region upon his arrival was the poorest, as far as generating revenue, at the time but this single move by Zik in addition to the exploits by Igbo people in Nigeria in general cover this lack in regional revenue generation.
     To further the influence and emancipation of his Igbo people Zik sought the establishment of the Igbo State Union in 1942, a tribalistic and Pan-Igbo political organization. This was an organization formed in 1946 that brought together all Igbo clans and town unions under one umbrella. This was at a time not far from the amalgamation of Nigeria when many Igbo clans both in today’s South East and South South did not really fully know or accepted the title “Igbo” but instead their clan names. However, because of Zik, who was the president of the new organization, ALL Igbo groups embraced the organization. That is all Igbo clans today’s South East, South South, and North Central. This is something Kanu has not been able to do. The Rivers Igbo clans people who support Biafra still deny vehemently that they are Igbo. This is because Zik was an Igboist while Kanu is a Biafra leader.
     It was the strong passion of Nnamdi Azikiwe for his people which drove him to make this statement at a meeting for Igbo State Union members: “It would appear that the God of Africa has specially created the Ibo nation to lead the Children of Africa from bondage of all ages.”
     The Igbo State Union became the Igbo Federal Union and because of it the Igbos became so strong that Yoruba leader Obafemi Awolowo established the Egbe Omo Oduduwa to counter its massive influence which was even eating up his Western Union.
     In 1964, under Nnamdi Azikiwe, the World Bank named Eastern Nigeria the fastest growing regional econ¬omy on earth. At the time of this assess¬ment, Eastern Nigeria was made up of the present five states of the South East, plus four out of the present six states of the South South. Reason for the assessment was that in 1964, Nigeria was the world’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil and palm kernel. Above 90 per cent of the palm oil and palm kernel came from Eastern Nigeria. Nigeria was the world’s largest producer of cassava. Above 60 per cent of Nigeria’s cassava was produced in Eastern Nigeria. By 1964, garri, yam and palm oil from Eastern Nigeria were sold in South Africa, Great Britain and the United States. Coal mining had reached commercial production and Eastern Nige¬ria had started making money from Nige¬ria’s coal export. By 1964 the Eastern Ni-geria Development Corporation (ENDC) was Eastern Nigeria’s next highest em¬ployer of labour after the regional govern¬ment itself.
     And no, the Eastern Region was never “second in command” to the colonial masters. Like all Nigerians know the “second in command” to the colonial masters or British were the Sokoto Caliphate, otherwise known as the Hausa-Fulani. It is evident in the fact that they made Tafawa Balewa the Prime Minister in 1960 after they left. The British and Hausa-Fulani are still evident till this day so let’s stay on the facts.
     Nnamdi Azikiwe was also the man who only went to the Nigerian side towards the end of the civil war to prepare a soft landing and reintegration of his people into Nigeria when it became glaring that the Biafrans would soon be dragged back into Nigeria.
     It was Nnamdi Azikiwe that an Ikwerre lawyer, Eze Woluchem, came to cry to support their struggle against Ijaw-domination against his people in Rivers State in the name of Igbo brotherhood. Because of the love for his people, no matter the fact that the Ikwerres denied their people after the war, seek saw that Bayelsa State was created in order to end Ijaw-domination of all Igbo groups in Rivers State and to give them the highest population in the state.
     No, the Great Ikemba Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was not “a child of circumstance”. Biafra was “a child of circumstance”. Ojukwu’s father, Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, was one of the richest men in Africa and the Ikemba went to the most prestigious university in the world, Oxford. He had become the Governor of the Eastern Region in 1966. He witnessed 3 massacres of his people the first was in March, the second was in May, and the third was the pogrom which lasted from July through August.
     Ojukwu had many meetings post July 29, 1966 pogrom and pre-civil war. He could have just resigned his position and submitted to Gowon and the Northerners and enjoyed his father’s wealth and the fruits of his labor but instead chose to sacrifice all of that because of the love for his people.
     Ojukwu declared Biafra on the leaf that his people were not safe under Gowon so he declared. He sold off his and his father’s wealth to fund the war. This he did while he was in Nigeria and only 33 years of age.
     A man who took on the world in addition to people who showed that they had the ability to viciously kill, through the pogrom of July 29,1966 where over 10, 000 of his people were murdered like animals is in no way to be written off as just “a child of circumstance”. No way.
     He was at the war ground when the bullets were flying and the bombs were being dropped.
     Under the Ikemba in 3 years Biafra became the most technologically advanced Black nation in the world not to talk of holding its own against Nigeria and the world powers such as Britain, U.S., and Russia.
     For anyone to belittle Nnamdi Azikiwe or Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu or say any of the two heroes never contributed to the Igbo race just to prop up a man who used a radio in the comforts of London to speak his mind and only got arrested in Nigeria after trying to sneak in is the height of ignorance. It is laughable and shows there is a real lack among the Igbos when it comes to respect for their history and their great men who fought and died for them.
     Nnamdi Kanu has contributed zero to Igbo apart from is ideology, which is not even a contribution, and that’s just the truth.
     The day a Yoruba compares Gani Adams to Awolowo or Wizid to Fela you know that Hell have truly frozen over and that the Yoruba have taken the path of the Igbos to denigrate their late great heroes.
     As for Femi Fani-Kayode, I doff my cap to him because at least like Zik and Ojukwu he fought against the powers-that-be while in Nigeria and the African continent.
    To conclude, learn your history, respect the dead, and don't right off someone responsible for you
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    Just as I suspected. Kuoro onwe gi aka....

    Zik was indeed a great man, but even ojukwu himself said Zik was not a sincere biafran, that he was rather a politician influenced by what he may benefit from a cause.

    Now to ojukwu, he was great too, being that he fought for a just cause. But he thought Biafra revolved round him. That led to his doom. After losing, he fled the cause he once stated he would die for.

    Yes, nnamdi KANU, your "Mr. Nobody", is being praised by a non-igbo as a true freedom fighter. Kanu's IPOB spans over 60 countries worldwide clamoring for an independent Biafra. Their efforts has been brought to the attention of the EU parliament, the vatican and British Parliament as well.

    Even if you don't agree to his methods, at least, show some respect for the young man. Ojukwu later campaigned for Nigeria presidency and died a Nigerian. You think Biafra starts and ends with ojukwu? You are seriously mistaken.

    If KANU dies today, another person will replace him. That's by the way.

    I respect KANU for giving buhari and co some cold sweat, and for his freedom fighting stances.

    Zik used the newspaper as his weapon, ojukwu used young fiery fighters as his weapon. KANU uses the radio as his weapon. So let each person be accorded his own respect.
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    Just as you suspected what?
    The article was not written by me anyway.
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    @ izu, okay....I take that back. I thought you wrote it yourself.

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