Blame Gowon for Igbo Travails - Rev. Fr Evarestus Offor.

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    Rev. Fr. Evarestus Offor, another outspoken priest from the Enugu Catholic Diocese has added his voice to the barrage of Lamentations over the perceived marginalisation of the people of the south-east in Nigeria.
    Speaking in an exclusive chat with Sunday Sun, Fr. Offor blamed former head of state Gen. Yakubu Gowon (retd) for the travails of the Igbos since the war ended. He accused the former leader of failing to implement the three R's of Reconciliation, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, which he promoted at the end of hostilities in 1970.

    Said he, "Because of Boko Haram the Northeast are talking of rehabilitation and the Federal government has started building beautiful houses for these people; but who built what for us? Rather the one we have was taken away from us by the Gowon's administration and only 20 pounds was given to all man thanks to the finance minister Obafemi Awolowo. I am blaming Gowon for all these and I hate his religious ' deceit' because he says he is praying for Nigeria. Has he Gowon prayed for those innocent Igbo people he killed during the war? 

    " How many times has he said "i am sorry for the massacre of Igbo boys, Igbo children, Igbo women? We all know about the genocide he commited in Asaba. How many times has he apologized for causing the death of millions of Igbo harmless women and children? Some people die out of hunger because he accepted what Awolowo told him. If he is really a good Christian he would have said let us reconstruct all the roads in the southeast. Where did you see that; how many years after the war? Was there anything like reconstruction? How many times have we reconciled? If we have really reconciled with Hausa/Fulani; why the anger, youths anger? Don't mind what they are saying; that they were not born during the war; it doesn't matter. They said there should be no history again, so that our children will not know their heritage; there should be history, he said. This is a the real truth coming from a real man of God. People should know what happened during the war, talk about it, feel it and react to it as long as the injustice, the marginalisation and the wickedness by Nigerians to the Igbos are still going on.

    When we talk of one Nigeria; indivisible; I got annoyed when they say indivisible. You are standing on someone's head and you are saying one Nigeria indivisible. One Nigeria is good but there must be justice. Without justice there can't be one Nigeria. As matter of fact, what I am saying is that I love Nigeria based on equity, love, selfless sacrifice, fairness, equality. But if you say I can't be here then allow me to go elsewhere. The case of Biafra depends on the way you treat the Igbos. If you don't want us to go then treat us like Nigerians. We all saw how some fulani herdsmen slaughtered Igbo people and others heartlessly; demonically; what did the police do? What did the DSS do? What did the IG say? What did Buhari himself do or say? But look at Igbo boys walking on the street non- violently and you gave others to shoot them, why didn't you shoot the herdsmen? As a man of God I am telling you that in Nigeria we are not equal; the Hausa/Fulani comes first, the Yoruba man comes second, the south south comes third, then you can now be talking about the Igbo man as fourth or fifth. Yet the Igbos made Nigeria what it is today. So Mr president if you want one Nigeria; I am talking to you as a spiritual director; first, reconstruction, rehabilitation, the way you are rehabilitating the north east come down to southeast and rehabilitate us, if not the agitation will never stop.

    By Rev. Fr Evarestus Offor.

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