Boorish Aisha Buhari called Fayose 'Unchained Mad Dog'.

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Izu, Jun 22, 2016.

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    The controversial tweet from the wife of the president of Nigeria  Aisha Buhari calling Governor of Ekiti State Ayo Fayose 'unchained mad dog' is still raising public concern on the manner of people that are occupying the highest seat in Nigeria. Below is what JOK said about the brusque statement for her -

    So our president's wife actually called a sitting governor an "unchained mad dog" and you are clapping? Can someone remind me of what Patience Jonathan called Amaechi in the midst of the abuses and false allegations by Amaechi on her and the husband? Her husband to date never mentioned the name "Amaechi" in public and the wife only denied whatever allegation Amaechi heaped on her, and there were many on daily basis. Once there is a microphone Amaechi will plug his mouth in and abuse and lie against Patience and her husband. Yet he was not called "unchained mad dog because Madam P understood that Amaechi was a dully elected governor, husband and head of a family.

    If you read these tweets by our president's wife with emphasis on the abuse and then the allusion to her husband's old age, you will write chapters on our president, his wife and current "high energy" status.

    Aisha just committed the same blunder Marco Rubio committed and which Patience Jonathan never committed with Amaechi or even the professor that called her "shepopothamus". It doesn't matter why she committed the blunder but blunder she has.

    Culled from John Okiyi (JOK) Facebook Timeline.


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    My opinion -
    That outburst was so unprofessional and a total undermining of her husband, if she only called him mad dog (which in itself is horrible thing from the woman that is supposed to be ab example to other married women in Nigeria) it could have be less pathetic but posting her husband age in a way to suggest 'leave this OLD MAN alone and face the young energetic me' is waayyy not acceptable.

    Let me again add that I don't believe in the group that suggested Hausa/Fulani/Muslim married women in Nigeria are kind, reserved and respectful. From what I could see albeit from afar, they are the exact opposite. If this woman could rush to her twitter account and spit this trash how will she be responding to her husband in case of disagreements and misunderstandings? If she could virtually call her husband physically weak in the public what will she be calling her in private?
    If she reacted like this when a governor of a State accuses her of a crime which by all indications is not baseless how will she react when her house help annoys her?
    This also reminded me of how Goodluck Jonathan was treated by the former president's wife Turai yar'adua at the verge of her husbands death.

    This is pathetic, a woman with this trash is not supposed to be an example to married Nigerian women.
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    Another person's comment

    Where did it all start?
    It is utterly disrespectful of the Nigeria's First Lady, Aisha Buhari, addressing the constitutionally elected Governor of
    the State of Ekiti as an unchained dog. This is an insult to all the citizens of Ekiti. What example in the First Lady
    setting forward for young Nigerian girls and young adults? Does Mrs. Aisha Buhari not know that young women look
    up to her? Does Aisha Buhari not know that she is a role model to 100s of millions of women in Nigeria/Africa/
    If a constitutionally elected governor is a dog, Where does that leave a faceless ordinary Nigerian? Why must the First Lady tell us all that she is superior to us?
    Even if Mr. Fayose is a dog, is it the place of the First Lady to call a full grown man with wife and family a dog in public space?
    Why hasn't the Nigerian newspapers said anything in this regard? Is it because the Nigerian press is APC controlled? Who speaks for the people? Who represents the unknowing public? Or does it no longer matter? Should President Buhari control his wife? Mrs. Buhari should apologize to the citizens of Ekiti and womanfolk in Nigeria and continental Africa at large. The
    First Lady of each country is a goodwill ambassador, Mrs. Aisha Buhari ought to realize that.

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