BREXIT: Hand over power to 'a leave Campaigner' immediately.

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    Wales voted to leave EU while Northern Ireland voted to remain in EU. When both British teams met yesterday at Euro 2016 Wales defeated Northern Island via an own goal by an Irish defender.
    Obviously the Welsh team entered the game with more positive energy that their Irish brothers.
    In the coming days champions of the new world order and globalization will ramp up the rhetoric to make British people feel bad about their decision and vote. They will try to crash the markets further to scare other Europeans from contemplating a future exit referendum.

    Of course the media arm of the globalization gang have already been activated to pave the way for a counter attack.
    It is laughable that 2.4m people are petitioning UK parliament for a new referendum. That's mere sour losing, in my view, because that number is not even up to the 16m that voted to remain in UK. If 17m that voted to leave the UK petition the same parliament who will win?

    The problem again is David Cameron. He should have resigned with immediate effect and allowed Boris Johnson who supported BREXIT to take over immediately and invoke article 15.
    David Cameron inadvertently created the uncertainty that is hurting businesses.
    Let Cameron walk away immediately or if legally impossible let British media pivot towards Boris Johnson as "incoming PM". Highlight his London and US credentials. The markets need to know that there is orderly transition of power and a plan to execute BREXIT in a way that does not hurt Britain or Europe.
    If Boris Johnson is not seen to be in charge or close to being in charge the markets will crash further tomorrow morning. Cameron should do the right thing for the sake of Britain and Europe. He knows what to do to create a sense of inevitability of Boris Johnson's prime ministership.
    That will calm the markets.

    As soon as he takes over, Boris must invoke clause 15 to further give a sense of order and progress.
    The truth is that Britain as a member of EU will not be remarkably different from Britain outside EU. The reason is that Britain is geographically European but was never really in EU heart and soul. They kept their distinct identity to a large extent.

    By JOK.

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