Buhari, Nigerian Army and the Operation Python Dance.

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    Mr. President,
    Why "Python" must not "dance" in the South East!
    It is not unusual that in lacking creativity in pursuit of its national assignment as a national army, the chief helmsmen of Nigeria soldiery, will invent all manner of cliches in the name of doing their jobs. It is not even unusual that having nothing doing, but desiring in retiring the huge defence budget allotted the Military in Nigeria, every conceivable idea would be explored to spend the money in such pretences as keeping peace when indeed, by global assessment, this region of Nigeria is already adjudged the most peaceful and safest of all parts of Nigeria.
    The army high command has just announced the launching of what it called "Operation Python Dance" in the SE. The question that follows this is, why python or even lizard dance in this region which by the last count was adjudged the safest and most peaceful part of Nigeria?.
    Also, just a few days back, the Amnesty International had published a report of needless killings of many people from that same region - South East - not on account of form of defiance against the government, but in mere expression of dissatisfaction on the way the system is run.
    Same report revealed the cruelty of soldiers who would pour raw acid on wounded victims of their shootings in Aba, Abia State.
    The video clips on circulation are really gory, and I am sure Mr. President should be shocked by such acts of madness by supposed soldiers of same country, who are not required to go that extent in trying to put down a mere placard wielding members of the public. At least, by Nigerian laws, peaceful protests are accommodated.
    Today, in talking and implementing a so called Operation Python Dance, whatever that means, it becomes a massive wonder that what the army/
    government has set out to achieve.
    But looking at this from the perspective of like ventures in the recent past, the now discredited "Operation Crocodile Smile", which soon became "Operation Crocodile Cries"can readily tell us the mindset of the plotters against the local population where this "dancing of python" is planned and under way.
    For all the people may know, pythons, not quite common in the area, is known to crush, squeeze and swallow its victims, including human beings. It is a swift killer, weighty, long and creepy. It is also nocturnal and deadly.
    Since the departure of the Obasanjo regime, 2007, this region has cried its head out over dearth of infrastructure. It had cried over marginalisation, just as it has cried over the further depreciation of lives of all Nigerians in the ensuing decree. But worse, every segment of the population, including subsistence village farmers, are now rendered unemployed, designed for starvation by the activities of murderous herdsmen. Today, previously contended villahe men and women are becoming beggars because their farms have been ravaged by these herdsmen. It is unheard of that cattle rearers now force their ways into peoples farms, leaving normal grasses, but uprooting tubers of yams, cassava and cocoa yams for the consumption of their cattle.
    A responsive government is expected to respond to the demands, which are legitimate and feasible. Since it is not King Ahab's government, they never expected and will never be at peace with crocodiles, pythons, cobra, etc, coming to dance on their streets, markets and villages.
    Mr. President, you were a part of the Nigeria-Biafra war. I have tried to follow up with your personal involvement, as much as the literature provided. Indeed, I was quite impressed with what Captain August Okpe reported of you in his book, "Last Flight", indicating that you were among the very few Northern officers who were angry and quite unsettled by the revenge campaigns, pogrom and hate mongering of the likes of Sani Abacha, TY Danjuma, Murtala Muhammed, IBM Haruna. This actually endeared you to me. Moreover, the various reports I read of your involvement in actual fighting has not yielded any evidence of such dastardly acts of mass murders attributable to you in person. Yes, there was the report of your lucky crossing of the Abagana theatre, in company of Lt. Shehu Musa Yar'Adua, just before the big Ogbunigwe bang that stopped Murtala Muhammed's armada. The report was that the final arrival of Muhammed's men in Onitsha led to the cold, gruesome murder of over 300 refugees hiding in the Apostolic Church building - all - men, women and children - shot and killed with their hands tied to their backs. That ugly report did not show your personal involvement.
    At Uzuakoli, where you took over Company Command from Major Ibrahim Babangida; at Owerri, riding through from Aba, perhaps from Port Harcourt, none of the writers indicted you, at least to my knowledge.
    I was in a team of line editors who interviewed you in 1998, when you narrated to us your encampment at Awka as a Brigage Major. You never spoke with any such venom and hatred known of TY Danjuma and IBM Haruna. Till date, also, I have not come across such reports, in the many literature, of any unprofessional conduct on your part.
    I have also tried to understand your first coming as President of Nigeria (military head of State) and I am yet to see the areas you revealed hatred for a region of Nigeria.
    Mr. President, your current forays with power is quite different, not that it is not the same Muhammed Buhari, but because you are now a politician, Democratic president of Nigeria, father of all by global standards.
    You have already made a terrible mistake in the careless statement of 97% against 5%. You also made this grievous mistake on the Al Jazeera interview, where the contortion of your face in response to the query on whether you would discuss with pro-Biafra youth showed a high degree of resentment. "Why should I discuss with them...if they like let them have their state within a state..." I am sure I got you right. Oh my God, it wasn't it sir!
    Even in an attempt to playfully tell Igbo youths in the NYSC in Katsina, that remaining in Nigeria offers greeter chances, which I share with you, there was this error of asking them to stand out to be noted. Frankly, it looked like the frightful Nazi-German treatment of Jews in the Hitlerite era: "Jews to the leaft...others this way." These are mere kids and standing before an imperious President of Nigeria, to be singled out, not for any award, as many of them, as other Nigerians were deserving of, can be quite scary. Yes, the long trek from Degema, as you narrated was good. Every other thing was good. But if I were there, and in the same age range, I would either break into a crazy run or I evolve a jumbled Hausa or Yoruba or any such strange language - after all, we have over 350 languages - to confuse any person who looks in my direction.
    Today, we may never know who sold to the Presidency this "Operation Python Dance". When I first heard of it as Nigeria army programme, my mind went to a portion of General Alabi Isama's book,, where he described how a giant boa conscriptor speedily fell on one of the soldiers on march through the thick bushes to Port Harcourt and right before them, hundreds of soldiers, swallowed the victim.
    Chai. A young man awaited by parents and other loved ones, now made a meal of a python.
    A python wound itself around a well trained soldier, crushed and swallowed him and hundreds of soldiers were simply helpless. The best they could do, as General Godwin Alabi Isama wrote was to now execute the python, of course, along with its prey.
    Chai! What report did they send to his parents. Lie: he fell fighting for father land.
    Now, Mr. President, I ask you with due respect, if hundreds of soldiers stood and watched, confused and terrified, as a python descends on, crushes and swallows a fellow soldier, nna m Ukwu, what are the hapless peace loving people of the South East expected to do when "pythons start dancing" on their streets, markets, village squares and even pepper soup joints?
    Mr. President, I am sure you do not want to create another horrendous refugee situation in Nigeria. We have yet to settle the ones plaguing the North East of Nigeria.
    I am not sure it is a doctrinal pattern of the Nigeria military to harvest refugees. Yakubu Gowon appeared to enjoy such and has continued to live with memory of causing more deaths of uninvolved men, women and children in a war, than any person known in African history. That Gowon did it and has yet to be brought to books is no reason we would ever think he was right. The global standards on rules of engagement is known in all written and unwritten languages across the globe.
    Let us just leave Gowon to live and enjoy his infamy.
    Mr. President, when your soldiers decided to open up on their "Operation Crocodile Smile", I appealed to you to look up and see what the sky seemed to portend. One point I make which you appear to confirm just about three days ago, was the likely involvement of sophisticated mercenaries. It couldn't have surprised His Excellency that the Niger Delta Avengers had developed some sophistication to sail over 70 kilometres into the sea to blow up pipelines. In your honoured lamentation, you wondered where such capabilities could come from, suggesting to oil explorers that their staff could be the saboteurs.
    Mr. President, nothing could be further from the truth. Decided, entrapped and desperate liberation fighters will always increase their expertise by each added day of fighting. Weapon merchants, in search of markets will always provide the weapons, and even deliver on the rudiments of uses. Then, and about then, Mr. President, thousands of out-of-job fighters - masquerading as technical advisers, weapon experts, counsellors, etc - are actually handy and in more than required numbers.
    I hereby most respectful render the same piece of advice.
    This "Operation Python Dance" will breed scorpions and booby traps.
    In the psycho-social history of the people of the South East, fighting organised war is staunchly present. In every single community in this region, there are at least a hundred vetrans of the Nigeria-Biafra war. This your python will wake the sleeping dog. Mercenaries will find more market to sell their skills. Merchants of arm/death will have another ready market. The somnolent, never-violent Biafra agitators will soon incubate a militia section. Yes, elements of the local population will be killed, but same way many of Gowon's soldiers were killed by rag-tag Biafran army, many soldiers will die.
    Mr. President himself told the story of how a bullet missed hitting him by the whiskers in Abakaliki. Possibly, that bullet was made by the crudest of the black smiths around.
    President Musa Yar'Adua, may God bless his soul, was not given to the machismo of ex soldiers, and to the amazement of all, achieved Niger Delta peace by a peculiar programme.
    Such programme is not actually needed in the South East. What is needed is mere infrastructure presence, control of herdsmen rampage, level playing field, sense of belonging, etc.
    It is even archaic to worry about agitation for Biafra. Till date, some Southerners in the United States still fly the Confederate flag. The Quebec still fly their flags in Canada. Activation of the economy, infrastructure presence and sense of belonging will get the water to find its own level.
    Never a matter for a senseless reptile to dance on the streets of the community.
    The sheep said, and Chinua Achebe wrote, "that I am not a good dancer is not when the drummers bring the beating of the drums right into my compound." And Oliver de Coke echoed, "even the one who doesn't know how to move his legs, will certainly know how to nod to the rhythm."
    Please, tell General Buratai to reassemble Col. Benjamin Adekunle's "Amphibious Brigade" to go dance and swim with pythons in the rivers and ocean.
    May God bless you, Sir!

    By Igbonekwu Ogazimorah
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