Buhari = Power, Money, Power, Money, Power!!!

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    A governor
    A minister of Oil
    A military president
    A chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund
    A civilian president

    Power, money, power, money, power!!!
    5 counts in succession and interchanging the other by way of rotation. None ever had to repeat the other. It remained rotated.

    Were all those positions merely for the purpose of “service”? Was the desperation all about some ridiculous “Change”? No! An higher agenda and cause was being pursued. Uthman Dan Fodio was never joking: “We will dip the koran into the Niger river”.

    Any other Fulani politician you know who has had to occupy all these mentioned offices in Nigeria? I have checked and crosschecked and couldn’t see any other who did in his lifetime. They are a very strategic people, smart and suave. It is case of life and death to them as it has been lavishly weaved with and into a “wary religion” (apologies to Chinua Achebe).

    They will always tell you that they don’t forget things even if it takes them 100 years. Some things are happening rather clandestinely and many (Southerners) see them not. He couldn’t have been contesting since 2003 just because he is “dogged, tenacious, determined” and all that crap promoted by the shortsighted. Some others could have come up all along but he was a Chosen One. He is merely a Better Vessel. And better vessels are always the used and tested vessels. They can always be returned for use even if new ones be available.
    May Chukwu make us think deeper and act swifter!

    By Chijioke Ngobili.

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