Buhari Where is Your Certificate?

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    Mr President of Nigeria show us your certificate!
    Let's get one thing straight here.
    The law stated a WAEC or its equivalent. Buhari did not provide the equivalent but rather swore an oath the he took WAEC and that it was submitted to the military during recruitment. Being the President, a lot of people assumed that Jonathan was preventing the military from making the document available. Even when the military came out to deny that the document was not in their possession from available record on one General Mohammad Buhari submitted to them.

    Not minding the fact that no matter who is the leader the Nigerian Army does not politicize such issue. Yet a lot of Nigerians did not believe them.
    Now, Buhari has been President for over a year and yet the same document is nowhere to be found within the archives of the Nigerian Military.

    Therefore, the corruption fighting Buhari hiring 13 Senior Advocate of Nigeria and 10 other lawyers to appeal his case is what I am yet to understand.
    The same man who went to a competent court and sword an oath that is so far proving to be a lie is detaining so many people yet to be convicted by the court. Those who come to equity must come with a clean hand.
    Politics apart, in all sincerity, Buhari has lost every moral right to arrest anyone else on charges of corruption. Leaders should lead by example.

    If Buhari failed to provide his WAEC certificate which he took an oath over it, even if the like he thundered before that the lawyers are manipulating the courts and destroying the court. So, even if the lawyers manipulates the court and he wins this case. Once that WAEC isn't provided, he will loss every justifiable moral right to continue to rule us or arrest anyone on corruption ground. His is the worst corruption.
    History and the next generation are taking notes.
    Unlike Tinubu and Atiku, I, like several other Nigerians who cannot travel to London to check on him wish him quickest recovery on his ears infection.

    This article is credited to Peter Agaba Kalu, I only give the Title to it.

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