Communique on Imo North & Oru East Rerun Elections.

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    Imo Network Group (ING) is founded by good spirited individuals of Imo State origin aimed at giving Ndi-Imo a credible socio-political and economic voice in the affairs of the state. ING aims to influence the activities of leadership and governance by creating awareness, sensitization, mass mobilization and active participation/ engagement of the government and politicians for the ultimate benefit of the people of the state.
    ING has deliberated on the forthcoming rereun senatorial and House of Assembly elections in Okigwe and Oru East, and resolved that:

    1. Both Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu and Senator Athan Achonu are illustrious sons of Okigwe Zone who have in different ways impacted on the lives of the people of the Zone and Imo State in general. By extension, IMHA contestants from Oru East also share in these attributes or accolades.
    2. We encourage Imo North and Oru East electorates to go out en masse to vote for their preferred candidates without fear of molestation or favor.
    3. Voters should guard their votes from polling units to collation centres, and to report any act or breach of the electoral laws to the law enforcement agents who are specifically trained to handle such offences rather than putting laws into their hands.
    4. The people should shun electoral violence that may warrant civil unrest, outright cancellation or further declaring the elections inconclusive, or even death of any one. Engaging in electoral violence is not in their best interests.
    5. We hereby warn the state government in strong terms, not to perpetrate any acts or omissions that may wit rigging of the elections. Both the PDP and APC (or APGA in case of Oru East) hierarchies are equally warned not to engage or encourage people in acts of violence that would plunge the state into anarchy.
    6. INEC and law enforcement agencies should ensure free and fair elections in both elections.
    7. The security agents in the state should be on top of their job to ensure that all who engage in electoral violence and other electoral offences/malpractices are speedily dealt with in accordance to electoral laws. There shall be no sacred cows.
    8. The Federal Government led APC should hands off undue influence in the rerun elections to prevent anarchy and chaos in the state.
    9. Winners should be magnanimous in their victory while losers should accept their loss in good fate.

    Long live Ndi Okigwe
    Long live Ndi Oru East
    Long live Imo State
    Long live Ala Igbo.
    Signed: Board of Trustees, Imo Network Group (ING)
    Chi aboola. Igwebuike!!!

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