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    These are the correct spelling of Igbo-speaking towns and cities. We must make it a project to get these misspellings by the European colonists corrected:

    Abakaliki is Abankalenke
    it is located in Ebonyi State

    Afikpo is Ehugbo
    Ehugbo derived from (Eho igbo). Second, how did the name Afikpo come about? I read that it derived from (Afo igbo). The colonialist misinterpreted Eho-Igbo as Afo-Igbo then when penciled down in writing, it was further renamed as Afikpo.

    Ajalli is Ujari
    It was said that the missionaries / colonialists couldn't actually (or lazily refused to) pronounce it in its original form of "Ujari". We the natives still call it Ujari.

    Amawbia is Amaobia
    Amawbia which is adulterated spelling for "AMAOBIA" meaning "Visitor settlement" Amaobia town ppl are various Igbo groups tho they now speak Oka,Nibo, Nimo, dialects.

    Asaba is Ahaba
    Ahaba was an exclamation and an Ibo phrase 'Ahabam! 'In Igbo language, it means ' I have appropriately chosen'. This is where Ahaba got its name. The name was later changed to Asaba during the British colonial occupation of Nigeria.

    Awgu is Ogu
    “Aw” is the equivalent of the dotted “O” in the Igbo lexicon. The spelling further weakens the Igboness of the word.

    Awka is Oka
    In the title of the book I have used the current spelling of “Awka”, to make it clear what I am writing about. Thereafter, I have reverted to the older spelling “Oka”, which what some people say is simpler. The change in the spelling of the name from “Oka” to “Awka” was made by the British Colonial Office in 1908. According to the researches of Dr. Nwibe Onejeme, Barrister-at-Law, of Umuokpu Village, the change of spelling was made by the Colonial Secretary, Mr. F.S. James, in 1908, through Government Notice No. 729, published in the Southern Nigerian Gazette of 1908, No. 42, Volume 3 at page 8511.

    Enugu is Enugwu
    Enugwu means 'hill top' (Enu Ugwu) because of the hills of Ngwo, which the original village of Enugwu was part of.

    Ibusa is Igbuzo
    Igbuzor is 'Igbo bi na uzo', the 'Igbo on the road, or Igbo roadside'.

    Oguta is Ugwunta
    The name Ugwunta means "small him". It is located in Imo State

    Onitsha is Onicha
    Onitsha is a corruption of the word Onicha which is a name used by many areas in Igboland. It is apparent that Onitsha indigenes use the spelling of “Onicha” whenever putting together cultured gatherings. The misspellings are owed to the European missionaries colonizers.

    Owerri is Owere
    Owerri : "E were la m oke ruru la m" (I have taken my deserved inheritance). A long story about Ekwema Arugo; their ancestor who made the statement and asked to be called Owere following a dispute with his brother.

    Oyigbo is Obigbo
    Obigbo was change to Oyigbo by the former Governor of Rivers State, Melford Okilo, an Ijaw, in a bid to de-Igbonise the town.

    Ogwashi-Uku is Ogwa Nshi Ukwu
    The origin of this name is with the Nshi (Nri) people who founded this town. The name is derived from "Ogwa Nwa Eze Nshi " or the palace of the prince of Nri. It is located in Delta State.

    Awlaw is Olo
    Awlaw is a town in Oji River LGA, Enugwu state.

    Ezinihitte is Ezilite
    Ezinihitte is an area in Mbaise, Imo State.

    Omoba is Umuoba
    Umuoba was the capital of Isiala-Ngwa south which they now call OMOBA.

    Omaba is Omagba
    Omaba is located in onicha-obosi axis of Anambra State.

    Nbawsi is Mbosi
    Nbawsi is located in Abia State.

    Aguleri is Agueri
    It is located in Anambra State.

    Umuleri is Umueri
    It is located in Anambra State.

    Uli is Uri
    Uli a town in Anambra was corupted from the original name Uri. The locals still pronouce it as URI.

    Ezama is Eziama
    It is located in Abia State.

    Abatete is Abateghete
    The name comes from aba iteghete. It is located in Anambra State.

    Awkunanaw is Okunano
    Awkunanaw is "Oku- na-ano" just like have Mba-ano or Mba-ise. It is located in Enugu State.

    Orlu is Olu
    There shouldn’t be an “r” and the udaume(O and U) have to be dotted. Orlu is located in Imo State.

    Onusa Nkwerre is Onicha Nkwere. The elders of the town verified the towns actual name. It is located in Imo State.

    Bende Town is Uga
    Bende Town was originally called Uga but C.J. Mayne the colonial Dist Officer always referred to "that bend" and the local people corrupted it to Bende up till today. It is located in Abia State.

    Etche is Echie
    It is located in Rivers State.

    Agbogugu is Agbogwugwu
    It is located in Awgu (Ogu) LGA, Enugu State.

    Amucha is Amusaa
    which means ''after giving birth''. It is located in Imo State.

    Lorji is Ulu Oji
    Lorji is located in Mbaise, Imo State. It is a corrupt version of 'ULU ORJI' meaning the second son of Orji but B. Douglas, a white colonialist, changed the name to LORJI.

    Abiriba is Ebiriba
    The literal meaning of Ebiriba is EBIRI - ABA(LIVE AND PROSPER).

    Umuahia is Oma-ahia “Omahia”(center of the market)
    The town was originally a market square. It is located in Abia State.

    Abagana is Aja Agana(Ajagana)
    It is located in Anambra State.

    Awkuzu iis Okuzu
    It is located in Anambra State.

    Okpanam is Okpam
    It is located in Delta State.

    Kwale is Utagba Ogbe. The town was given a corrupted name by the colonist that derived from the name 'Ukwuani', the clan native to the area.

    Ufuma is Uvume
    The father of uvume always carry's him on his shoulders whenever he goes hunting of farming..That is ''Efe uvum huru'' so it means''what my shoulder passed through'' or ''the sufferings of my shoulders''.However,the British instead of Uvume spelt it wrongly Ufuma. It is in Anambra State.

    Ahoada is Ehuda
    It is located in Rivers State.

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    It's about time we break off from the basterdisations of Europeans. It just exhibits a subtle kind of inferiority complex to continue with misspellings, with the exception of Awka, I can't see the head or tails of keeping most of these spellings.
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