Dan Fulani and A Wise Treader at Onitsha.

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    A man from the Northern part of Nigeria, I will call him Dan Fulani, entered a shop in Onitsha main market. This was in
    the early 1980's and NPN was in power. He showed the Igboman what looked like precious stones and told the Igboman that he had a source for the stones and was looking for buyers. After explaining how the Igboman will make millions selling the precious stones, this conversation ensured:

    Igbo: Where did you say you came from again?
    Dan Fulani: Birnin Kebbi
    Igbo: Do you have brothers and uncles?
    Dan Fulani: Yes.
    Igbo: Are they millionaires?
    Dan Fulani: No.
    Igbo: How many shops did you enter on your way from Kebbi to Onitsha before you got to mine?
    Dan Fulani: None.
    Igbo: Did you know me before?
    Dan Fulani: No.
    Igbo: So you left your poor brothers and uncles in Birnin Kebbi, paid for your transport to come to Onitsha to make an Igbo man you never knew before a millionaire?
    Dan Fulani: Yes.
    Igbo: Get up and go. Start with you brothers and uncles. Then your village and Sokoto state. Make them millionaires first before coming to Onitsha. As you can see, we are not doing badly.
    Moral of this story: Always ask them what they have done for their own people and whether they are are doing better than yours.
    Story credit goes to Emeka Maduewesi

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