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    There had never been any other christian known to me whose faith in God was like that of Mr. Pius Ubajaka of Obiuno Otolo Nnewi.
    His faith in God was comparable to that of Abraham.
    Oga Pius, as he was fondly called, was one of the early christians in my village who became born again long before the penticostals emerged and arrogated the expression to themselves.
    The young Pius, working in concert with other catholic legionaries, converted many traditional religion worshippers into christianity.
    He was also hated by chief priests of village gods for obvious reason. He was an agent of christian competition.
    The man lived his name to the fullest. He was pius in name and in deeds. He also lived a life of prayer.
    The church made him a Knight of St. Mulumba in recognition of his dedication to the spread of the gospel in Nnewi.
    Some people disliked his uncompromising lifestyle. He was predictable in that one would always know where he stood on any issue.
    All the children in the neighborhood gathered every evening in his house for Block Rosary Crusade prayers. He would always join as we prayed.
    Despite the blessings of above-average wealth and long life Oga Pius received from God, he and his wife had no children of their own even though the wife had lost a couple pregnancies and had also experienced few neonatal deaths.
    Having tried and prayed for children for many decades without results , Oga Pius decided to adopt a radical approach.
    He must have his own children, the children he could call his own, he resolved.
    His younger brother Emmanuel Ubajaka was blessed with all Oga Pius had prayed for. He had more than eight children with equal gender mix.
    In agreement with his wife, Oga Pius approached his brother Emmanuel and demanded that he gave him a boy and a girl for adoption.
    Emmanuel who held his elder brother in awesome esteem, obliged.
    That was how Mr & Mrs Pius Ubajaka begot their male and female children they trained, catered for and loved till they died recently.
    Oga Pius' adopted children showed unlimited care to him and his ageing wife to the envy of the children's natural parents and to that of many other couples in our village.
    When Oga Pius and his wife were no more, the adopted children inherited all they had and the legacy lived on.
    Pius Ubajaka was not the only person in Nnewi that took the same method to solve the problem of childlessness.
    One of the richest men in Nnewi, late Chief Rufus Onyeje (who was so rich that he was conferred with an Orimili Nnewi title) also used Oga Pius' approach.
    He adopted the children of his younger brother as if they were his own natural children.
    He and his wife dispensed love as a fountain and everybody in Onyeje family of Egbu Umuenem Otolo took them as their global parents.
    Are you childless or you want to adopt children? Why not take Oga Pius' approach?
    Pick a child or children of close relations and adopt them.
    Adopting of children of unknown parents is alien to Nnewi.
    Such adopted children cannot carry "Ofor" a preserve or office for the oldest man in the family or become an Obi or Igwe (i.e. a village head or traditional ruler) in the town.
    The headship of a clan or a village in Nnewi is sacred and the occupants must be from the same consanguineous lineage or bloodily related to the people they represent.
    It is akin to the way the US constitution forbids foreigners born outside the US from becoming the president of the USA.
    It's my people's firm belief that "anu ozo adighi amu enwe" meaning that "an offspring would naturally manifest the traits of the parents".
    Also, we believe that "ife agwo muru aghaghi ito ogonogo" meaning that "a snake's offspring must be long shaped".
    Three cases in the town had since validated above worldview.
    A woman whose house was behind Nnewi High School was later murdered by a child she found dumped in a pool of refuse behind her compound. She adopted the baby who grew up into a violent human being.
    Similar cases were also reported in Umudim and Nnewichi villages.
    The children could have been picked from a motherless babies' homes.
    Many villagers believed that the dumped children were sired by a criminal father and a prostitute or mentally unstable mother.
    The product of criminally-minded parents will surely inherit their parents' attributes.
    The Concept of Nature espouses that children would naturally manifest the inherent traits seen in their parents.
    There is also the Concept of Nurture which says the opposite. It teaches that a child born of parents with undesirable traits could be nurtured into a predetermined personality.
    Psychologists Sigmund Freud and B. F. Skinner had each shown experimental evidence to prove the concepts of Nature and that of Nurture.
    The fact that a child of criminal parents might not turn out to be a criminal if reared in a good home has boosted the confidence of many couples who are engaged in adoption of children of undetermined parentage.
    What if the dominant bad trait, like nymphomania (i.e. an abnormally excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire in women), manifests in a child birthed by a prostitute mother and dumped in a refuse heap and was picked by an orphanage home from where a couple adopts such child?
    Incidentally, B. F. Skinner, the authority on Nurture Concept is not from Nnewi where nativity is defined by blood relationships or careful sperm donation covered under "izelu agbo" practice.
    My people also believe that an adoption of a child of unknown parentage negates the common ancestral bond of a people.
    Childless couple that so much desire child adoption are not allowed to import a child from outside their kinsmen where many children are in need of better parental care.
    The news we hear from the cities is quite disconcerting.
    Many of our townsmen in the townships are now engaging in unNnewi practices.

    By Anayo Nwosu.

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