Divided Union, Buhari must restructure Nigeria. (opinion)

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by izu, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Buhari must be put to task. He must restructure this union,
    Let's assume the government is truthful and give them the
    benefit of the doubt, thus, taking them for their own words.
    Given the spate of loot recoveries, both exposed and those
    kept confidential by the government, one thing is clear; the
    structure of our government is faulty and begets mass
    Metuh, a non government official begs to return 400m.
    Dasuki, painted the country green with trillions of naira
    notes, buratai saved from stipends and bought two
    buildings in Dubai, dieziani here, Okonjo there, billions
    everywhere. Aisha and atikus dollars in Halliburton, baba
    iyabo is living large on super luxury retirement!
    Even the new wikes Govt is being accused by efcc already.
    And yet, we haven't heard of the present ruling party's
    loots; Okorocha, aregbe, Amaechi, Fashola, Fayemi et al
    are questionable too. Haba.
    what Is now of critical importance, is not the even the
    recovery of the said loots, but, rather, the fixing of the
    ratholes that led to their easy steal.
    Let's assume a hard man is on the throne today, and so,
    his "body language" enables the recovery of these funds.
    Tomorrow, he'll be gone, and even more horrendous looting
    will follow his reign.
    If he succeeds in stopping lootery without fixing the
    institutions that leak such funds, then, kleptomaniacs will
    simply be temporarily starved of funds for the mere
    duration of this administration. And so, upon his departure,
    starved officers will loot reloaded, and with vengeance.
    Why is this "recoverer president" not interested in structural reforms? Is he going to leave these "fawlty towers" and leaking institutions, as he met them?
    That would be his worst legacy. A legaciless legacy at that. Recovery of loots from all angles reveal structural and
    institutional defects and they must be remedied for this
    union to endure.
    It's now a case of Buhari running a strong man, weak
    institution, and we must be worried at that. By the time
    he's gone, all will revert back to status quo; can't he see
    that? The country needs to be restructured to block
    institutional leakages.
    Buhari must be pushed to the path of restructure, period.

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