Featured Economic Emancipation of Igboland by Chinnaya Mba.

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    To be economically relevant we need to free ourselves from the economic bondage they have tried to clamp on us.
    First they subjected us to hunger by food blocked trying to reduce our strength by number.....they succeeded ... but God.
    Second, they tried to deprive us our wealth and property by declaring our houses "Abandoned Properties " and confiscate our money in the bank only to allow us £20:00....they succeeded but brought us back.
    Third, they came up with what they called boundary adjustment thereby ceding our lands to our neighbors trying to deprive us of our natural resources....they also succeeded but God has His plan for us..
    I want us to think outside the box by looking at how other countries that we are more naturally blessed succeeded to be among the world richest today.
    I will be looking at how SINGAPORE made it despite not having any mineral resources and with a small population that is less than 6million people and a land mass less than Igbo nation.

    Single-minded focus on their only advantage in the 1960s (and the reason why the British Empire claimed it too) -- deep waters, and hence a trading port role.
    Singapore's port is still among the world's top 3 today. In the 1960s, it really tapped up its LOCATION, along the Straits of Malacca, where most US / Europe trading ships had to stop to refuel to get to Asia. Singapore was the Suez Canal of Asia, without all the politics of the former.
    Igbo nation is well positioned by sea and by land to attract trades around the world but we need to do the unthinkable .
    We are already attracting local trading with the region from Cameroun , Gabon , Guinea and some other countries southward but we need to add two things more to be the delight of the world.
    1. Our access to deep water shall be utilized at every point I have identified in my earlier post...look for it.
    2. We are well positioned to create international motor/ rail way from our land to Da es Salaam cutting through Cameroun-Equatorial Guinea-Gabon-The Congos-Angola-Zambia -Tanzania at Da es Salaam Port on the other side of Indian Ocean.
    I know by now most of you will be thinking I am mad, that this is impossible.
    Don't worry about it, we are on it already.
    Think about what this route means on trade and commerce in ala Igbo.

    On Location again, Singapore also tried its best to build a world-class airport as soon as possible. It wanted to be a "sanctuary" for the many Western business executives that plied the air routes of Asia. This sounds simple but one has to understand how unsafe and undeveloped many other regional Asian countries (and their airports) were in the 1960-1970s. The Singapore regime understood that FIRST IMPRESSION COUNTS. Singapore, if it was to attract foreign investment effectively, needed an awesome visual image, upon touchdown. Hence the incredible focus on making sure the airport had a long runway to accommodate big planes, everywhere was spotlessly clean and even details all the way to making sure the highways connecting the airport to the hotels was lined with lush greenery to make sure its foreign guests had a great first impression. Singapore's airport is still #1 today.
    We are yet to have an international airport of great repute but we are going to have not less than two and every state will have a local airport of international standard .
    The landscape should be beautified to be attractive to visitors.
    Cleaning our environment to attract visitors means doing away with all or most of our evil vices like robbery and kidnapping ..... very very important.

    Talent played a big part too. Lee Kuan Yew aka LKY (despot some might say) was an earlier version of Steve Jobs, with a keen eye for intellectual excellence and zero patience for mediocrity. A fresh lawyer out of Cambridge, LKY had this amazing Dutch adviser to lean on for experience. The Dutch adviser (Winsemius) opened many doors in Europe, particularly this story where the British asked Singapore to try its hand at financial services, as its time-zone was great as an Asian financial clearinghouse between the US West Coast and Europe. Some have credited this for Singapore's rise as a major financial svc hub in Asia today.
    Needless to emphasize much on this because we have talents and we have traveled far and near , we are also drawing investors to our home.
    That young man that is self handedly building a world class orthopedic hospital in Umuchu is an example of what we are.
    Those of us outside this shore are capable of inviting one such or bigger project from our friends in the western world.
    That is the beginning of industrialization of ala Igbo ....... think about this.

    With location and talent guarding its only core value, it's almost like a startup. A smart team builds additional features that complements the core value prop, such as an educated population (not hard considering its Chinese majority), modern infrastructure, low or zero taxes for "pioneer" industries and a global "sales" team to convince companies from rich developed nations to set up Asia-Pac operations in Singapore. Until China's rise, Singapore played host to many APAC HQs.
    Our location and our talent is not the only key to out perform what Singapore did but with our mineral deposits which Singapore did not have is an added advantage for us.
    We are very skillful people and very industrious as well, we must put them to use to be able to be where Singapore is or better.

    Criticism for Singapore has also pinpointed the lack of true democracy or rather, a multi-party system and lack of freedom of speech in society. This is true but fails to take into account the civil unrest that a small country was in during the 1960s. One could say Singapore was lucky as it had a talented government from early on because the lack of democracy would surely have perpetuated any failings. A larger country would probably have needed democracy but Singapore lacked the size to have sufficient talent to govern itself in a real democracy; there was no foreign diaspora to support it. Furthermore, the government did a good job to get from 3rd to 1st world within 40 years. You don't sack a successful CEO / management team when they are that good. This has bred complacency and dependency today though, as the country's population, though well-educated, lacks the independence to wean itself off a very paternalistic government. The hoarding of talent by the public sector has also displaced talent in the private sector, which is why so few entrepreneurs come out of Singapore.
    On the governance , we must continue to push those in government to be citizen friendly by making the law that will be favorable to the economic growth of the nation .
    Though they may not be perfect now but continuous follow up on them will eventually turn things around for the better.

    Article credit to Chinnaya Mba.
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