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    LORD, please help me to cry, shout and speak in tongues when I pray. That's what is left for some of my friends to believe that I'm born again even as a baptized and confirmed Christian.
    My converters say that my conduct and the knowledge of the bible are good but are mere righteousness which I'm told is like a filthy rag before you. I need to be born again. Help me Lord!
    They say that I need to leave Catholic Church to join a bible believing church to be guided properly in Your Words otherwise I shall not make heaven. I'm so afraid of hell. Help me Lord!
    I had followed my persuaders to their churches on so many occasions to make my rebirth happen but I always come back home being my old catholic self. I have not noticed any effect that I don't already feel. Perhaps, I have not been called by God. Help me Lord!
    I feel I'm old fashioned the way a pray. I pray my catholic prayers and you answer me but my friends think that you could do more for me if I change church. I am told that if I give my life to you, that my rewards or success will no longer come as a result of the amount of work I do but by grace. I'm tempted to believe this position as many testimonies daily confirm their claims. Help me Lord!
    Jehovah, I must confess that as a banker to some of the facilitators of this new life, I'm privy to some of those things they shouldn't be doing with Thy money and their members. I have also investigated the lives and conducts of my persuaders especially my colleagues in the office who want me saved and sometime wonder who actually needs salvation. But who am I to judge? I was told that the believer is no longer under the law but grace. Have mercy on me Lord!
    My God, have you given these powerful Christians the power of attorney on all the mansions in heaven that they could authoritatively declare that I would only make heaven on their own terms? One of them even told me that the key had been recovered from Peter and that their General Overseers were now in charge. They say that the Pope needs to be born again. Is it true Lord?
    Dear Jesus, please protected that thief you took to heaven from the cross. Some of my friends say that he didn't do restitution before he died. They will eject him when they arrive heaven. They are fire brand! His admittance into heaven was an act of corruption of the Word of God. You can't go back on your words. He was never baptized. His qualifying statement is not a complete born again prayer. You said that unless a man was baptized that he won't enter heaven. That thief was not baptized. So, some of your words could be waived? I need wisdom Lord!
    My friends here threaten me with your words even when you kept giving waivers to sinners e.g the adulterous woman; and respite to a soldier that came to arrest you, the one Peter chopped off his ear. You even allowed a notorious prostitute to anoint your head with oil at Simon's house just as you mingled, ate and drank with sinners and tax collectors. My friends want me to focus on bible verses not your conduct, Lord.
    I am told that the lives and times of your apostles not recorded in the bible are not true but testimonies of their pastors are. I'm being harassed Lord. Tell me the truth, Lord!
    Jesus, please protect Peter from our mega General Overseers otherwise they will seize his key. I being told that you made a mistake in the story of a Good Samaritan. That the Levite, a man of God, that had ignored the wounded and was catching up with his priestly duty was the just one not the Samaria man. How could the priest be unequally yoked with an unbeliever?
    The Good Samaritan by the standards of my friends was self righteous; he was not born again. You didn't say he was born again in the bible. That's your word, Lord.
    Lord, have you lost your power out of old age or expiring majesty that mere humans now command you to move, to act and to bless? I can't even talk to my superiors in the office or to my earthly father the way these guys demand for answers in their prayers. I cannot do that, Lord. I prefer the contrite, meditative and solemn way I am used to when I pray, which has worked for me. Thank you Lord!
    To be fair to you Lord, I have been praying to you without crying, shouting and speaking in tongues but you have not failed to answer my prayers. You answer me by saying "No" or "Yea" or "Wait". I have always asked that your will be done and it has always been done in my life. Forgive Lord!
    Lord, please save me from those that are hell bent on destroying my resonance with you. You have been true to me. You have also proven your presence in my life. I believe that you are sufficient for me according to your will. Thank you Lord!
    How can I depart from the Mediatrix of all graces and leap into a dry well? I'm a great beneficiary of the sacrament of Reconciliation. My persuaders wouldn't understand this. Some who should have had their gold exchanged for the price of cast iron. Lord, please keep my eyes open!
    I will continue to honour invitations to be born again as I receive them. Their music is better than what I'm used to in my church. I also see in there, what I shouldn't become.
    The struggle continues!

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