Education Starts from the Mind.

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    *Yes! Africa need education still. Yet, just as many are getting it; poverty (underdevelopment) and evil are multiplying. The mind need education, but without the healing of the heart, the educated mind will be dedicated to evil. That is not the goal of education, therefore heal the hurting hearts now.

    *Science and art understand every language, but we have failed to understand both in our own language; except from that which was borrowed(English).

    *The goal of education is to make a human being a reasonable being. It doesn't matter the language used or the lessons taught. As long as there is positive
    transformation, education has done it.

    *There is no place for education in the grave. Give and receive it now that you are alive.

    *For education to succeed in this generation, healing of the heart must be the priority.

    *For education to be complete, the mind must learn to think and the heart must learn to heal.

    By Chidi Keni Meni.

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