Etche Ethnic Nationality and the Need to Play Outside of Local Politics.

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    * 2006 census: Etche LGA population is 249,939 and Omuma population is 100,388 with a combined population of 350,327.

    * Etche area is the food-basket of Rivers State.

    * Etche area has over 100 oil wells, 117 to be exact.

    * Etche has only 1 representative in the national house of assembly, Jerome Eke.

    * These roads are deplorable: Igwuruta-Chokocho-Okehi-Okpala road, Eleme junction-Igboh-Chokocho road, Igbodo-Ndashi Road, Umuonyia Amapu-Ife Road, and others.

    * Natives of Etche are systematically made to desert their native land to build Port Harcourt and leave Etche deserted for state and federal oil-drilling and farming to feed others.

    * There is no one to blame but they Etche themselves. They have decided to play Ethnic politics when clearly it does, and can never, favor them while under Rivers State.

    * The population of the Etche, which was reduced a little over 350,000, show that Etcheland and its people can only feel the fruit of real development if go into alliances with their neighbors of similar fate and cultural-ration.

    * It is strategic for the Etche nation to ally their cultural relatives: the Ndoki, Egbema, Ndoni, Ekpeye, Igbo (South East and Delta), and the Ogba.

    * The potential allies mention either are from the Rivers State, resident in the Rivers State, and/or outside Rivers State but contain massive influence and have the population that can see the Etche obtaining federal appointments, more state appointments and development, and even governor or deputy governor position.

    * Politics is a game of numbers and “You scratch my back I scratch your back”.

    * Unless the Etche goes into alliance with the mentioned groups, and vice versa, the dominant ethnic group in the state as well as the river line groups will continue to oppress or dominate them.

    By Chibuzo Ihuoma.

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