Femi Fani-Kayode's recent Nnamdi Kanu, Ojukwu, Zik and Nzogwu match up.

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by Izu, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    Please is Femi Fani-Kayode now insane? There are certain things I just cannot understand, there are things coming from this man I cannot explain. I don't want to jump into conclusion but whatever is wrong with FFK is now spiritual, believe me.

    I don't know if those pathetic FFk's recent write-ups on Nnamdi Kanu in comparison with the past Igbo Legends is an intentional game he is playing with Igbo people or is he losing it?
    After reading his recent write-ups I came to narrow it to two likely scenarios -
    * FFK is losing his sanity.
    * FFK is now a drunkard.

    While we are still digesting his 'Nnamdi Kanu is Ojukwu and Zik rolled into one' rubbish, he took on his Facebook account to add Nzogwu to the mist.
    Ladies and gentlemen, Nnamdi Kanu is Zik, Ojukwu and Nzogwu rolled in one body - FFK. Believe yee me, it wont be long before he add Dennis Osadebay and Sam Mbakwe. Nnamdi Kanu himself warned people not to dare compare him with Ojukwu as he is no match to Ikemba's ingenuity but FFK is now doing the 'match making' for us.
    This is the time to officially declare FFK a mentally troubled man and send him to Psychiatric Hospital. I will also blame the ever confused Buhari for allowing this corrupt mentally unstable man roaming the street and for the record - Gani Adams is an Awolowo, Ajayi Crowther, Herbert Macaulay and Wole Soyinka rolled into ONE.
  2. Chika

    Chika New Member

    Pls keep your propaganda and hero-worship of ojukwu. It won't fly. We all respect ojukwu being that he fought for a just cause, which although, he later fled from and got back into nigerianism.

    Ojukwu was a political leader of the then eastern region, that was why he has some measure of resources and goodwill to fight for Biafra. If KANU had the same, I bet ojukwu would take a back seat.

    Ingenuity? Ojukwu? Please....

    Biafra's ingenuity belongs to all the craftsmen, soldiers, academic, engineers,and ambassadors who collectively made Biafra a force to reckon with, not your ojukwu. Ojukwu, an intelligent man by his own right has no ingenuity that sustained Biafra other than those ideas he got from every notable Biafra supporter.
    I love ojukwu but stop overrating his efforts in the Biafra war.
  3. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    So Kanu is an idiot for telling people not to dare compare him with Ojukwu?

    Just as I thought, so you are not aware that FFK don't care about Igbo people or Biafra. His comparison was a mere political game. Why didn't he say Gani Adams is Awolowo, Soyinka, Hebert Macaulay, Ajayi Crowther and Tinubu rolled to one.

    Seems like you don't know a jack about Ojukwu, I suggest you start from his school days in England to the first Nigerian coup, how he escaped to Aburi Accord and then his leadership during the civil war when he led his people to stand the whole world for 30 months ....

    Ojukwu will take back seat for Nnamdi Kanu? :eek::eek::eek:
  4. Chika

    Chika New Member

    I don't give a hoot about what fani kayode said. I know he is as unstable as NEPA.

    Also, I know my history. I have read all the perspectives from all sides.

    Ojukwu does not consult, that was his waterloo. He felt he knew it all. Self sufficiency is not enough in prosecuting a war. Its takes calculated diplomacy and bargains. Ojukwu neglected all that and lost a war he should have easily won. Overconfidence and ego brought him to his waterloo. Why did he flee to ivory coast? A whole general? Why didn't he die for the cause as he once proclaimed he would?

    We are not fools. We respect ojukwu, but we also know his limitations. He is not god in anyway. Yes he fought a just and noble cause, but he did it his own self-centered way.
  5. Chika

    Chika New Member

    Ojukwu had his own circumstances and legacy, so does KANU, so nobody should say one is above the other.

    If KANU was a soldier, ojukwu will take a back sit, not necessarily because he is above ojukwu, no, but because kanu's charisma, cult followership in over 60 countries will give him an edge.
  6. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    I don't think you are aware that FFK did not just compare Ojukwu with Kanu, he said Kanu is Ojukwu, Zik and Nzogwu rolled in one body.
    I found this offensive and sincerely think he should keep off from our in house affair, let him face the criminal charges against him, his PDP politics and if he must compare his tribe should be a good place to start.

    Most people that worked with Ojukwu have a word for him - Ingenuity. This includes Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
    I have listened to him over the Radio Biafra warned people not to compare him with Ojukwu as Ojukwu is incomparable.
    I do not want to delve into this Kanu better than Ojukwu, I really don't.
  7. Chika

    Chika New Member

    Most people that worked with ojukwu NEVER claimed he was ingenious. Maybe you meant an ingenious orator and war propagandist.

    Okpara, mbadiwe, effiong, achuzie, achebe, etc NEVER said ojukwu was ingenious. I have read their narrative of ojukwu. Tell me something else.

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