Fulani Herdsmen Invasion of Enugu State, How do we Stop it?

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by Izu, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Izu

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    I've been wondering what is going on in Enugu State, the way Fulani Herdsmen have been butchering, maiming, rapping our people and yet nothing has been done about it.

    To be frank I am very frustrated. Many Fulani and Hausa men I have interacted with all said they fear Anicha (that's what they call Onicha) and Aba to an extent. They will always tell you that their people are mostly afraid of Igbos in their land.

    Now if those Fulani and Hausa people fear Onicha and Aba, why are they bold enough to attack Enugu? Does it mean they see Enugu as a weak link in Igboland? Before you tell me they have common boundary with them which is not even true, remember Ebonyi is also at the remote side, how many times have you heard of them attacking Ebonyi?

    What is the Governor of Enugu State Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi doing about this? Do you think he is doing enough to check the annoying invasion and protect the lives and properties of his state which is afterall his primary duty?

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