Fulani Herdsmen Rampant : Blame Northern Governors!

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    It is actually timely for the Northern governors to hasten clearance of the air on the persisting violence of herdsmen across Nigeria. They are quite in other to say that it was wrong for the entire Fulani to be typecast as trouble makers and rogues. They are even in order to say such efforts in typecasting would amount to targeting the entire race.
    But there, the veracity of their claims end. Now, if placed side-by-side with their analogy of kidnappers whom they said were not generalised as Igbo phenomenon, they may have failed to appreciate Igbo leadership attitude to the malaise called kidnap for ransom. Almost all the governments in the SE made strong laws, and even went extra judicial in dealing with kidnappers. Anambra and Abia lead in this by demolishing the homes of kidnappers and destroying of their businesses.

    Each State government in the SE did one firm thing or the other, and although kidnapping did not go, potential kidnappers now ha e to watch their backs.
    In the case of the Herders and the core Northern governors/governments, the game is different.
    Just recently, Mallan El Ruffai, in his usual arrogant disposition said, "the Fulani cannot be impeded. And one thing people must know is that any single Fulani killed is debt that must be paid."

    He did not say what debt a Fulani or herdsman maruader would pay on killing an innocent person. 
    Another big Northern leader said because the herdsmen may meet dangerous animals and reptiles in the wild which they wonder, it was right to carry arms. Strangely, this big man never bothered to think or ask why ordinary Southerners are not allow to carry weapons against possible encounter with wild human beings - armed robbers and kidnappers. Or may be he doesn't even know that wild human beings are far more dangerous that wild animals. You can keep of thick bushes and be free from wild animals, but wild human beings will wait for you on the public roads, places, homes, offices, etc, and is far mkre deceitful than the wild animal which is danger fully spelt out on sight.
    Just yesterday, the Northern governors rose and in usual arrogant way of treating other Nigerians, never even bothered to express shock at the mas murder of kids and women in Ukpabi Nimbo, but can puff out their chests and declare that the Fulani should not be typecast. Yes, they should not be typecast, but the leaders must begin to learn to distinguish between the good Fulani (and they are so many) and the bad Fulani (they are also many).
    The bad Fulani as the bad Igbo or bad Yoruba, Birom, Tiv, etc, must not be protected,
    When the core North established Sha'aria laws in their states, and followed it with the State police enforcers as the Hisbah, Nigerians living in those States were forced to condition themselves and businesses to stay within the ambit of the rigidly enforced laws.

    So, what is wrong in Southern States making strong laws to protect Southerners, their farmlands, their womenfolk and kids from the marauding herdsmen.
    There is no defeating the fact that it is wrong to typecast the entire Fulani, but if there has been any such castigation leading to typecasting, it is caused by the Northern Governors and leaders who have vehemently refused to sift the chaff from the wheat.

    The Northern Governors cannot turn the table. They have been the shield for these violent herders and cannot blame anybody for the typecasting other than themselves.

    By Igbonekwu Ogazimorah

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