Gov. Ugwuanyi, is he Incompetent? by Chika Omeje.

Discussion in 'Igbo Talk' started by izu, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Governor Ugwuanyi is not incompetent!He is playing politics.He is actually ten times smarter than most of us in the Politics of Nigeria;a brand of politics invented in Northern Nigeria which is very alien to the East.
    Yet there is something we must teach Gburugburu if he must adopt the Northern strategy.Lets use Ibrahim Shekarau,former governor of Kano for instance.
    About one year after Shekarau became governor,the Yelwa,Plateau state massacre occurred.Tension grew sky-high in the North,notably Kano in the days following this tragedy.

    On May 11,2004 the leaders of Ndi Alakuba applied to the Kano state government to hold a peaceful march in protest of the Yelwa massacre. Kano state police command and the Obasanjo led FG advised the governor not to give them permission. It is similar to the police and FG advice to Gburugburu not to allow the Enugu Catholics hold a protest against the Fulani herdsmen invasions.
    Shekarau did not listen to the police or president Obasanjo.He allowed the protests and even came out to address the crowd. The rest is history.
    More than 300 Christians were killed that day in Kano by those protesters as reprisals for the Yelwa massacre eight days earlier.
    Mbe nwa Aniga missed being part of the ring of self defense units around Sabon Gari but gave advice on how to form an unbreakable defensive wall of protection.It worked.All of Kano saw naked barbarism that day except Sabon Gari.Even when the army arrived,they couldnt break the Sabon Gari barricade for 2 days.

    Well,no need for dogon turenci!Shekarau went ahead to constitute the Hisbah Corps which has grown to tens of thousands.He suspended polio vaccination under the guise that the vaccination was targeted at making their women infertile...
    He also ran successfully for a second term and went ahead to run for the presidency of Nigeria in 2011.
    Did you learn anything from this?
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    Another Opinion -

    I think we are 3rd world indeed. By the estimation of IMF and world bank, Nigeria as a country may not be a 3rd world any longer. But, the majority of her citizen and 90 percent of their leaders have uncivilized and 3rd world mentality. In fact, no matter how first class your brain works, once you get power in Nigeria, public service filled with 3rd world people will infect you with 3rd world thinking.

    If not, how would an Executive Governor of a state in Igbo land, capital of SE Nigeria, allow such a tragedy to struck twice in his state? I miss Chimaroke Nnamani.
    If the governor don't know what to do, build a wall. Recruit your people that are unemployed, train and call them your KWANKWASIYA. Empower them with gun and instruct them to shoot moving leaf, cow and anything that is encroaching Enugu state from Benue and Kogi state.
    If we don't fight this like mad people, they won't stop.

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