Gov. Willie Obiano, Superheading Agricultural Revolution in Anambra State.

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    Consolidating the Gains of our Agro-Revolution
    Being the Text of an Address Presented by the Governor of
    Anambra Sate, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano to Flag
    off the 2016 Farming Season on Wednesday, June 22, 2016
    Ndi b’anyi, two years ago, when we lit the fire of
    Agricultural Revolution in Anambra State, we had nothing
    but our dreams. Today, standing before you on this podium,
    I am proud to declare that Anambra State has become the
    first state in Nigeria to export farm produce to Europe. We
    have large industrial farms that have taken our local rice
    production to over 190,000 metric tons and now we have
    flooded the local markets with Anambra Rice. We have
    created hundreds of direct and indirect jobs and started the
    production of wheat in commercial quantity in Anambra
    Ndi b’anyi, we are making steady progress that will
    eventually drive home the point that Agriculture is the
    neglected corner stone of the Nigerian economy. We are
    extracting enough values to justify our decision to make
    Agriculture the number one pillar of my Economic Blueprint.
    Indeed, from May 15, 2014 when we made the call to arms
    in Agriculture, we have given Ndi Anambra another reason
    to be proud of their beloved state. So, far we have
    attracted investments valued at $1.011bn from 7
    companies to the agricultural sector alone in the past two
    It is re-assuring to see that our people are beginning to
    take heed our call. More people are joining the agricultural
    value chain and rice production has become big business in
    Anambra State. Apart from the huge investment in
    agriculture by Dr. Cosmas maduka’s Cochad Farms, our
    own Chief Akai Egwuonwu of Stine Industries has also
    made an impressive investment in rice production in
    Anambra State. In fact, Chief Egwuonwu’s brand of rice
    recently won an award at an African Products Forum in
    Lagos as the Best Rice in Africa in 2016. Egwuonwu’s rice
    was adjudged better and more wholesome than other
    competing brands from South Aftica, Egypt, Ghana,
    Morocco, Namibia and Cameroun. That is the Spirit of
    Anambra! That is change at its best. That also is a
    fulfilment of one of the basic expectations of leadership –
    to shine the light so that the people will see the way.
    By the grace of God, my Team and I shall continue to carve
    out new paths for the prosperity of Ndi Anambra. All hands
    must be on deck to stimulate growth in the local economy
    of Anambra State. At the moment, we produce about
    190,000 metric tons of rice. Our target is to hit 210,000
    metric tons by the end of the current farming season.
    Then, with the combined output we expect from our out-
    growers and cooperatives as well as the efforts of Coched
    Farms, Joseph Agro Ltd as well as the current milling
    output of 440 metric tons from Stine Industries Ltd, we hall
    soon surpass the annual figure of 320,000 metric tons of
    rice consumed in Anambra State. This target is already
    well within our sight.
    Ndi Anambra, I am truly proud to say that our
    achievements in Agriculture since the last Farming Season
    are quite phenomenal. We have approved and successfully
    executed about N120m worth of Business Plans and
    empowered about 50,000 farmers through cooperatives. At
    the same time, in close partnership with the International
    Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), we have linked
    3000 cooperatives to institutions offering credit facilities,
    built 15 kilometres of earth road, developed 2000 hectares
    of land and made improved varieties of seeds and access
    to modern irrigation schemes available to 58,000 farmers.
    In all, we successfully gave out about 100 metric tons of
    improved varieties of seeds to farmers in the last farming
    season. Similarly, we handed out 60 metric tons of
    Anambra Rice to all Civil Servants in the state between last
    December and January this year. Ndi olu ana enwelu anuli!
    Ndi b’anyi, oburo ka osi me?
    This farming Season, we shall raise the bar of
    performance. The Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA)
    will today pave the path to a brighter future for 15,000
    people through the disbursement of the N1billion in its SME
    Retail Lending Programme. The sum is part of the N2bn
    Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund that
    my administration has accessed from the Central Bank of
    Nigeria. Under the first phase of the programme which we
    launched last year, 45% of the N1 billion went to
    manufacturers, 34% to Agricultural value chains, 10% went
    to Services and 12% to Trade and Commerce. The first
    phase of the programmes was successfully completed in
    December last year with a resounding impact on our local
    economy; creating over 800 direct jobs and about 5000
    indirect jobs. We are poised to surpass our achievements
    in the previous year. We shall restore hope to so many
    young men and women who have undergone training at the
    Agricultural Training School in Mgbakwu and the
    Technology Incubation Center in Nnewi. Fish production has
    also become a big business in Anambra State. A fish
    demonstration centre has been set up at the Agricultural
    Training School in Mgbakwu. All these will boost domestic
    growth, slash down unemployment rates and lay a solid
    foundation for a prosperous Anambra State!
    To lend further depth to what we are doing in Agriculture,
    we have set up a Monitoring and Control Centre that is
    currently capturing the necessary data of all farmers and
    cooperatives in Anambra State. This will help us erase all
    problems associated with duplication of identity as well as
    ghost farmers. Similarly, we are also setting up an Agro
    Library which will archive important data like the history of
    land and boundary information with a view to checking the
    incidence of land disputes that might stand in the way of
    progress and development. I wish to use this opportunity to
    call on all traditional rulers in Anambra State to cooperate
    with this initiative by providing factual and objective
    information that will wipe away all prospects of conflict
    arising from land ownership in our beloved state.
    Ndi Anambra this is how far we have come on our
    agricultural journey in the last two years. As some of us
    here may recall, when we flagged off our agricultural
    revolution in Anambra State in May 2014, we choose the
    theme - A New Dawn for Agriculture in Anambra State.
    Two years later, our theme is Consolidating the Gains of
    Agro-Revolution in Anambra State. This tells the story of
    the progress we have made so far.
    Ladies and gentlemen, it is gratifying to see that we have
    almost achieved the objective of making Agriculture
    contribute at least 40% of the GDP of Anambra State. We
    have also not only put Anambra on the agricultural map of
    Nigeria but ensured that our beloved state is pioneering the
    export of agricultural produce to Europe. Indeed, umu
    nnem, we have every reason to be proud of our dear state.
    The future looks very bright and despite the present gloom
    in the nation’s economy, we are slowly Expanding the
    Frontiers of Excellence and laying a great foundation for a
    prosperous state.
    Once again, put your hands together for Anambra State!
    God Bless Anambra State
    God bless Nigeria
    Willie Obiano

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