Greetings in Igboland with Igbo Language and the Translations.

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    Greetings nowadays is mainly in English Language -
    Good Morning in the morning.
    Good Afternoon in the afternoon.
    Good Evening in the evening.
    Long before the introduction of English Language to Igboland by the British Colonial masters, Igbo words were used in any form of greetings just as general communication. Below are the greetings words in Igbo Language with the English translation the time or when to greet.

    * Otutu Oma - Good Morning - in the morning.

    * Ehihie Oma/ Efifie Oma - Good Afternoon - in the Afternoon.

    * Uhuruchi Oma / Ururuchi Oma - Good Evening - in the Evening.

    * Ka Chi foo/ Ka Chi Boo - Good Night - in the Night, possibly you wont see the person again till the next morning.

    * Ndewo / Dalu - Thank you - generalized greetings can be said anytime, anywhere. It is also use in showing appreciation or gratitude, eg if someone gave something to you or give something to you, you show appreciation to them by saying thank you, in Igbo it is dalu or ndewo. You can also meet somebody instead of saying the long ututu oma etc you can simply say ndewo.

    * Jisie Ike - Well done - used mainly as an encouragement to people that are doing positive work. Eg, you can be passing by people working in their farm, said jisie ike and hear them reply to you in agreement. It is mainly use for encouragement.

    Nagboo / Gaa nke ome / Ije awele - Safe Journey - When someone is going somewhere or traveling.

    Noo - Welcome - when someone arrives.

    Ka-emesia - Goodbye - When someone is going home, work etc.

    Please note that the greetings added above are of central Igbo (Igbo Izugbe), greetings in mainly Igbo dialects spoken by some sub-Igbo groups may differ but the one written about is understandable in any part of Igboland.
    Eg, In Ezza tokwehu is noo in Central Igbo which means welcome in English Language.
    Nwayo in Nsukka is also noo in Igbo ie welcome, funny enough nwayo means easy in central Igbo.

    Please feel free to add the greetings in your dialect here.

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