HADIN BUHARI" Another Slang In Hausa Lexicon

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    Saw this on Facebook, wanted to share it here.

    "HADIN BUHARI" Another Slang In Hausa Lexicon:
    Nigerians are indeed very funny people and easily adjust to any kind of situation, especially my Kano people. Last night I sat near an Aboki who sell tea near my house before the call for prayers. An elderly man came and said, "bani hadin Buhari - Give me Buhari's mixture" and without saying anything, the guy gave him tea without milk & small bread and collected 50 Naira and gave him 10 naira change. I was baffled, so I asked what that mean and the tea guy (mai-shayi) said 'hadin Buhari' mean tea without milk plus small bread.
    God Help Nigeria.

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    The Image -

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