How a Redeemed Pastor escaped death in the hands of Muslim youths in Jikwoyi, Abuja

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    Saw it on Facebook and wanted to post it here as an emphasis on the level of religious hatred in Nigeria today.
    Yesterday, a Redeemed Pastor escaped death in the hands
    of Muslim youths in Jikwoyi, Abuja. He was going to minister at a smaller parish that had a vigil. According to him, he took a bike at about 9pm to the church, it wasn't such a long distance, just about 5 minute drive on a bike. As they were going, just about some distance away from his destination, the bike driver pulled some stunt and they fell and on getting up the bike driver stated shouting thief, thief and like a film, Hausa youths ran out of the area and descended on him, beating him with a long sticks, he fell inside a dirty gutter ( drainage) by the side of the road, his Bible fell on the road, he kept shouting Jesus, Jesus. the sticks they were flogging him with while inside the gutter broke on his body, they ran to get maybe some more deadlier weapons, possibly
    Accordingly to him, Like a flash the incident that happened in Kubwa flashed through his mind and suddenly strength return and he stood up and ran. He said he didn't know where to ran to but he continued running, they ran after him but suddenly stopped. he ran towards a shopping complex and from there escaped to his church office.
    The Pastor of the church where he was supposed to
    minister that night finally got through to him and he narrated his ordeal. When they got to the spot in the morning, they saw his torn Bible and its pieces all over the road. If this was a Quran, a piece of it would have led to the death of many.
    I am reporting this story to plead with every Christian out
    there. Please be careful. This pastor didn't say a word, he
    wasn't preaching,nothing! possibly just because he was
    carrying his Bible.....God forbid that we get to a time where the punishment of carrying a Bible in Nigeria is death!

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