Hypocritical Young People of Nigeria - Anayo Nwosu.

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    Is it not amazing that the same young people who would not allow their parents choose wives and careers for them are now allowing the same old parents to design their political and economic future for them?
    No friend of mine has ever allowed his septuagenarian parent choose the brand or color of his or her cars or the type of apartment to rent. But now, the Nigerian youths allow the outmoded elderlies to draw their future plans using their blurred lenses.
    These shameless septuagenarians and octogenarians parents of some of us have embedded themselves in the ruling and the main opposition parties' structures, selecting and appointing themselves to ruin our future.
    If these immortal greedy parents have tranquilized their own children by putting them on a "mute" mode, other youths of different parentage should mobilize and stop them.
    One year of PMB's administration has shown how good intention alone can't bring the change we require which innovation and energy of the knowledgeable youth can.
    Our shameless parents have again started plotting on how to tighten their stronghold on power either by retention or substitution in 2019.

    I was alarmed to see Chief Olabode George aspiring to lead PDP instead Jimi Agbaje; Jim Nwobodo trying to take over South East APC structures and some old brigades urging PMB to do a second term. Atiku who is already in his 70s still wants to rule Nigeria.
    The Nigerian youths should know that Jesus Christ did his best and exited at 33 and Prophet Mohammed left the scene before the age of 63. Zik, Ahmadu Bello and Awolowo did what they are being remembered for below the age of 70.
    What manner of fathers and grandfathers do we have in Nigeria? This is retirement corruption!
    Help! Our youths are becoming disillusioned and spineless.

    By Anayo Nwosu.

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