If I Were Uche Ogar by Ememanka.

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    Mr. Uche Samspson Ogar is an interesting personality. I actually used to see him as a young man with a great political future.

    He is young and rich.
    During my days in the downstream oil industry, I came in contact with him quite often because his company, Masters Energy, is one of the top indigenous players in the industry. When the NBA Aba Branch gave him a merit award some few years ago, I read his citation at the event, after which he gave me his card and asked me to see him in Lagos. Somehow, I never did.
    Uche Ogar is a member of the PDP. Indeed, he was close to the last government in Abia State as his younger brother, Dr. Ogar was the Commissioner for Health in the immediate past government.
    He was well aware of the decision of the party in the state to zone their gubernatorial ticket to Abia South in line with the Abia Charter of Equity which seeks to ensure that every senatorial district gets an equal opportunity to produce the governor of the state.
    As a prelude to the last elections in Abia State, three people from Abia North Zone declared interest to run for governor under the PDP. They were -
    1. General Azubuike Ihejirika, the former Army Chief of Staff. He is from Isuikwuato.
    2. Mr. Uche Ogar from the University town of Uturu, Isuikwuato.
    3. Mr. Alex Otti from Arochukwu.

    However, after the party made their intentions on zoning very clear, General Ihejirika saw reason and ended his quest.
    Alex Otti played smart and suddenly remembered that though he is from Arochukwu, he was born at Isiala Ngwa. He quickly wrote a letter to the PDP requesting for a "transfer" of his membership from Arochukwu to Isiala Ngwa. In taking that step, Otti accepted the fact that indeed, the power shift to Ngwa land made sense. When the PDP insisted that the power shift was not just to Ukwa Ngwa alone but to Abia South, Otti left the party and went to APGA where he eventually contested and lost the elections.
    But Uche Ogar insisted on contesting the party primaries. It was his right. The party did not stop him. Indeed, he was the only person from Abia North that contested the PDP primaries. It was an open contest and he lost to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu with a commanding margin.
    Uche Ogar didn't challenge the elections. He didn't also leave the party.
    Dr. Ikpeazu went ahead to fly the party's flag in the general elections, crisscrossed the entire state during campaigns and eventually won the elections.

    I naturally expected Uche Ogar to form a critical alliance with the Governor and support the government. I expected him to help the industrialization of the state by moving some strategic units of his business to Abia State and by so doing, show the people that indeed, he was interested in the growth of the state. I expected him to have a strategic and well thought out political plan to work with the governor with an eye for tomorrow. Afterall, he is a young man in his mid 40s. He doesn't have to be governor now. He could still be governor tomorrow.
    But No. Uche Ogar still wanted to be governor now. Not by the popular will of the people of Abia but surreptitiously through some funny legal technicality.
    And so, he quietly filed a suit challenging the eligibility of the governor on the spurious allegation of having presented false tax papers. Having come second in the primaries, he fantasized over the possibility of getting the governor disqualified and he, taking over.
    Uche Ogar, like everyone of us, knows that Dr. Ikpeazu paid his taxes. Indeed, the governor was not in any position to decide whether or not to pay tax.
    Uche Ogar knew that Dr. Ikpeazu was an employee of the Abia State Government and like every other employee, had no discretion on tax.
    He also knew, like the rest of us, that Dr. Ikpeazu does not prepare tax papers. He simply applied to the Revenue Board who issued the documents.

    Ogar, saw himself as another Amaechi who didn't contest the general elections but was declared governor by the Supreme Court. But he forgot that unlike him, Amaechi won the PDP primaries in Rivers State but was strangely denied the chance to contest the main elections. Amaechi had a good moral and legal pedestal. Uche Ogar does not. He lost the primaries.
    It is curious that a man who failed to secure the nomination of his party now wants to become governor from the back door.
    By seeking to use legal technicalities to remove a Governor who was duly elected by the people of Abia State and whose election was confirmed by the highest court of the land, Uche Ogar may have taken the worst political step of his life.
    By seeking to oust from office, the first ever Governor of Ukwa Ngwa extraction, Uche Ogar has declared war against not just the people of Abia South Senatorial District in particular but the entire people of Ukwa Ngwa land, in general.
    Make no mistakes about it, the people of Ukwa Ngwa land have a deep emotional attachment to this Governor. We see him as the personification of our decades of struggle for our political emancipation.
    Therefore, any person who plans to remove him from office naturally incurs the wrath of our people.
    If Dr. Ikpeazu lost the general elections, it would be a different ball game. But to seek to remove him from office using the Uche Ogar style of legal technicalities is nothing short of a declaration of political war. That's how our people see it.

    Not even Alex Otti who was a candidate in the general elections and who went to court to challenge the elections raised this spurious allegation of tax.
    Everyone knew that Ikpeazu was Head of ASEPA in Aba before the elections. Was he working for free? Was he not getting salaries? Will you pay a man salary without deducting his tax?
    By seeking to remove Governor Ikpeazu, a man who has made clear his intention to rework Abia State and set it on the path of economic growth and infrastructural development, Uche Ogar may have committed political suicide.
    The generality of the people of Abia State see this move by Ogar as a deliberate ploy to distract the attention of a performing governor...and that is exactly what it is.
    I don't know if Uche Ogar thought deeply about this his move. I don't know what his political plans for the future are. I don't know if he intends to run for any state wide office tomorrow and if he intends in the future to ask for the votes of the people of Ukwa Ngwa land, the largest single voting bloc in Abia State and a people that control 9 out of the 17 local governments in the state.
    If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the highest temple of Justice in this country will never order that a man who lost his party nomination and never contested the general elections to be declared governor. It doesn't make sense. Like I said, Amaechi had won the primaries but was stopped from contesting. Uche Ogar lost. How can he be Governor?

    Anyways, we will always remember Uche Ogar as the man who sought to break our hearts politically.
    If I were Uche Ogar, I wouldn't have taken this step.
    But I am not Uche Ogar.
    I am Ememanka.
    I am The Ururuaja, the snuff man.

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