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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Onye, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Onye

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    There's been some kind of argument publicly between some somebody's or so and the issue of Mark Zuckerberg offering Hausa language on Facebook has become a point taken out. Well, the debate on "Hausa dominance" is very irrelevant seeing as Igbo is not only available as a language mode option on Facebook, but there is actually a Facebook page dedicated to the development of the Igbo language on the platform since its implementation relies on user translations.

    The option to use 'Asụsụ Igbo' is available on the bottom of the right column where you see the following and you click the '+' button.


    Where you're confronted with this, 'Asụsụ Igbo' is actually the fourth down the list.


    Generally, Igbo speakers do not give a crap about patronising their language this way and would rather use English, which open up another discussion about the relevance of Igbo even to Igbo speakers since there hasn't been much demand and therefore much translation done.

    Translator Community for Igbo:

  2. Izu

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    Very nice! Though I've been seeing Igbo on Facebook I have never tried it out.
    I think we should selflessly contribute towards translation and dissemination of Igbo Language.
    Igbo is an elite language, we should all contribute towards the growth and influence all over the world.

    IKEAGUMUO New Member

    Yes u are right
  4. Mazi Bismarck

    Mazi Bismarck New Member

    E sonyewo m' na ya, ozigbo ozigbo.Chai!
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  5. Izu

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    Automatic translation from Igbo to English is now available.

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