Igbo is One Nation, from Elugu (Enugu) to Ebane (Bonny).

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    This is an observation of the early European explorers.

    The Igbo is One Nation, from Elugu to Ebane!

    "Although there are considerable dialect differences among the Egboes in the different parts of this extensive country, such as those between Elugu on the north and Ebane or Bonny on the south, yet still in their country or in Egboeland 'each person hails, as a sailor would say, from a particular district where he was born;' but when in a foreign country or when away from their home, all are Egboes. The Bonnians and the Eluguans are hailed by one national name".

    James Africanus Beale Horton, 1865.

    West African Countries and Peoples, British and Native: With the Requirements Necessary for Establishing that Self Government Recommended by the Committee of the House of Commons, 1865. Page 182.

    Credits to Emeka Maduewesi.
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