Igboising Hebrew (Christian) Names?

Discussion in 'Igbo Culture' started by Onye, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Onye

    Onye Admin Staff Member

    Many of the Christian names are from Hebrew but were modified in European languages and even Arabic. What would these names sound like if they were modified in Igbo directly from Hebrew, I've attempted some.

    Hebrew - English - Igbo
    Elisheva - Elisabeth - Elishiuva
    Rut - Ruth - Rutu
    Chava - Eve - Chava
    Yitzhak - Isaac - Yisaku
    Dawid - David - Diwude
    Adam - Adam - Adama
  2. Izu

    Izu Admin Staff Member

    Nice suggestion but some of the name have no meaning eg Chava, Rutu.
    Igbo names are build on meaning, it's really embarrassing to give somebody and Igbo name without Igbo meaning.
    Adama also sound feminine while the name bearer is supposed to be a man.
    What do you think?
    I like Diwude or better Dinweude.
    Elishiuva could have been better Elishava/Elishaba.
    Not a bad suggestion.

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