Is Nigeria the Least Safe place for Ndigbo?

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    Ndigbo are known to be highly enterprising, widely traveled, a people that see the world as a global village, not afraid to compete in any open market and to mingle with anybody, anywhere. Looking at the security of Ndigbo in Nigeria which they are citizens of comes a rather disturbing question - is Nigeria the least safe place for Nidgbo?

    Yes, the question is a kind of shameful but what do you expect when a State is not interested in protecting the citizens or better more interested in the welfare and protection some regions that the others, shameful but true, unless you have a viable logic to counter this in the mean time lets look at the general security of Ndigbo.

    Nigeria has passed through arrays of political instability and a number of gratuitous civil unrest which have led to the myriad of lost of lives of Ndigbo. In every political, religious or civil unrest of Nigeria, Ndigbo are always the ones to pay for it, with their lives. History of Nigeria has proved in many occasions that Ndigbo have been the one to pay the biggest 'price' in most crisis in the country and to add albeit painfully, most of this matters have nothing to do with us. Looking at 1966 Pogrom, Oso Abiola of 1993, 2000 political unrest in the North. In 2006 cartoon in Denmark which stirred up crisis in Northern Nigeria, to name but a few, ndigbo in all these instances have suffered painful loss of their lives and that of the loved ones.

    Many people in Nigeria have been thought that 'unity' of Nigeria lies in killing as many ndigbo as possible, to them the only way unite Nigeria is to reduce the population of ndigbo. Among these people are some men of Nigerian military from the Northern part of the country, they have been instructed that ndigbo are the infidels hence not equal to them in Nigeria so if there's any opportunity to kill as many as possible. The proof is there for those that think my above statement is not true and 'negative', my writing here is based on FACTS and not sentiments.

    Our brothers in IPOB have been murdered in cold blood for doing nothing other and exercising their universal rights of self determination and to make the matter worse, every single killing of their men occurred in Nigeria, a country that is supposed to be protecting them. No murder that I know of has occurred on the members living outside Nigeria. On may 30th 2016, our brothers and sisters that gathered at Nkpor, Anambra State to remember their people who died in the civil war were shot like wild animals and those soldiers that shot them were quoted to me rejoicing on their successful killing of many 'cows', to them it was a successful hunting expedition. IPOB organizes their rallies and protest all over the world with no report of attack on them or any casualties but come to Nigeria see an opposite result. Is Nigeria not in a way a death trap of ndigbo?

    The President of the country is never interested in the welfare and security of ndigbo, that's the why despite the Fulani herdsmen rampage and massacre in Igboland Buhari never have a press release to consolidate with the people and to address the matter, what does 5% percent matter to him. We are talking of a man that was shown the video of how his toy soldiers massacring our brothers in Abia State while praying and the only thing he did was looking away.

    Time and space will not allow me to put much more but the summary is just a question - IS NIGERIA THE LEAST SAFE PLACE FOR NDIGBO?

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